Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Issue #1: Karen Weiler

Karen Weiler (poshpetsphoto.com)
Website: PoshPetsPhoto.com
Blog: PoshPetsBlog.com
Facebook: facebook.com/PoshPetsPhotography

Karen Weiler is a pet lover...no doubt about it! I had the pleasure of meeting Karen in December 2013 when Blurb Books filmed a piece about the Paws For Charity Project in Toronto. Karen was the photographer featured in the film. You can view the two minute video here.

In our Paws For Charity Magazine, Karen writes about a "Full Circle" story...the story of Washburn. Washburn just happens to be the cover photo for our first issue!
Washburn - Paws For Charity Magazine Cover Photo by Posh Pets Photo
"Washburn" by Karen Wiler (poshpetsphoto.com)
If you click on the icon below, you can view and/or order a PDF or hard copy of our magazine online. Karen's story starts on page 6.

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