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Issue #1: Karen Neal

Artist Karen Neal
Karen Neal (


Karen is an artist in New Zealand, and has been involved with the Paws For Charity Project for a few years. She is an amazing person and artist, and I'm so happy to have her involved. She wrote about New Zealand's Kaimanawa horses in the Paws For Charity Magazine.

She is involved in helping many animal organizations, and here are details (in Karen's own words) about two of the groups that she helps:
"One is a animal shelter called HUHANZ, this stands for Helping You Help Animals (NZ). Here is their website…
They’ve done some pretty amazing things including helping the lost and abandoned animals from the Christchurch earthquake and re-homing all of them (they are a no kill shelter), saving Beagles from experimentation, and re-homing our wild horses (the Kaimanawa horses) and working closely with the second group I’d like to mention. I donate 5% of my pet portrait commissions to them every year because I feel they do such an incredible job. I have also donated an original painting of a Kaimanawa horse to raise funds for them.

The other group is the group that have helped to rheum a lot of our only wild horses here, the beautiful Kaimanawas. The Kaimanawas have had a sad history as they had been culled by our Dept of Conservation for many years as the numbers were out of control and they were destroying a lot of special vegetation where they were grazing. They’ve now set up a heritage group that along with Dept of Conservation, in the last few years have managed to re-home up to 90% of the horses when they muster them every 2 years. It’s a huge improvement and is constantly raising awareness about them. A lot of the volunteers take in these horses (often with foals), and train them ready to go to new homes. They make beautiful riding horses, and their nature seems to be incredibly gentle despite their wild start in life. There have been quite a few gracing the pony club paddocks around NZ now :)
It is probably better explained on their website…"

Artist Karen Neal with her painting Kaimanawa Dawn Spirit
Karen Neal holding her painting "Kaimanawa Dawn Spirit"
You can read the article Karen wrote by clicking on the arrow below to view and/or order a copy of the Paws For Charity magazine.

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