Monday, March 16, 2015

Issue #1: Jenna Harrison

Jenna Harrison (portrait by Brigham and Co.)
Website:Image All The Art 

Jenna Harrison contributed an article to the first issue of the Paws For Charity Magazine about choosing the appropriate background for your portrait commission. Jenna has lots of experience painting portraits! Here is some of her background information from her website:

"Imagine Art is owned and managed by Jenna Harrison (previously Jenna Wilke), an award-winning professional pet portrait artist based in Middletown, CT. She attended Paier College of Art and received a Bachelor's in Fine Art in 2012. Since graduating, she has perfected the art of animal portraiture through various mediums. Proficient in colored pencil, pastel, intaglio printmaking, as well as oil and acrylic paints, Jenna has a wide variety of skills that provide amazing options for her clients.

Jenna’s solo work focuses on the beauty that nature has to offer. She enjoys landscapes, trompe l’oeil still life paintings, and pet portraiture. Specializing in horse and dog portraits, she has gained a reputation for capturing the animal spirit in her art. Jenna’s attention to detail makes her sharp focus realism close to that of photography.

When she is not sitting in front of her easel, Jenna is busy spending time with her husband Adam, or practicing natural horsemanship with Caz, a white Azteca horse in Guilford, CT. Jenna is also Secretary of the Lower CT River Valley Horse Council."

Read Jenna's article by clicking on this link...go to page 20:

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