Thursday, March 12, 2015

Issue #1: Jeanne Taylor

Jeanne Taylor with Bandit  (
Facebook: Jeanne Taylor Photography/Pet Portraits

I'll let Jeanne tell you about herself:
 "I’m a dog girl, plain and simple. I have always loved animals of every sort and, really, some of my best friends have been dogs. They are, to me, the most amazing creatures and they completely inspire me in so many areas of my life.
Add to this that I have always been fascinated by how color, light, angles and shadows all come together to create a photo. Self-taught, I have read and studied volumes of technical textbooks and inspirational works, practiced and experimented, finally combining a passion for all things dog with this creative interest as a business venture in 2007/2008.
Over the years, I have acquired a soft spot for senior dogs and rescue animals. I spend about a third of my time working with different rescues either photographing adoptables or in other volunteer capacities. The rest of my time is devoted to client work, family and until 11/14/14, my own gorgeous senior dog, Bandit, who made it to eight days shy of his 16th birthday. He went with me everywhere and even often accompanied me to photo appointments. We miss him terribly but we take comfort in the thousands of photos of him accrued over a lifetime of love. As a promise to honor Bandit, I created a program in January 2015 called "Always With Me" ."

Jeanne writes about Bandit's Legacy - Always With Me in Issue #1 of the Paws For Charity Magazine. You can find her story on pages 22 and 23.

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