Monday, March 9, 2015

Issue 1: Dana Feagin

Dana Feagin -

Dana Feagin has been involved in the Paws For Charity Art Book in past years....and is now a contributor to the new Paws For Charity Magazine. She is a generous artist who supports many animal causes. Based on her art sales in 2014, over $2,000 was donated to Sanctuary One, the Jackson County Animal Shelter, and Equamore Horse Sanctuary. She also donated original art, prints, and other items featuring her animal art, valued at over $3,000,  to assist animal rescue groups and charities across the country with fundraising efforts. 

In our magazine, Dana writes about how she got "Out of the Rat Race" and into creating art full time. You can read her article on page 24 of the magazine: 

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