Friday, March 6, 2015

Issue #1: Alex Cearns

Alex Cearns - Houndstooth Studio

Leading Australian animal photographer Alex Cearns is the founder and creative director of award-winning HoundstoothStudio, and specialises in photographing all creatures great and small - from dogs, rabbits and ducklings, to reptiles, birds and all kinds of endangered wildlife, Alex loves how each animal has individual nuances of character which she describes as "… a joy to capture".

Alex wrote a story and supplied photographs about her experience with Free The Bears
a non-profit organisation working throughout Asia to protect, preserve and enrich the lives of bears.  Through the creation and on-going support of world-class sanctuaries for the placement of rescued bears, FTB supports government authorities in the battle against the illegal wildlife trade which poses the single greatest threat to Sun bears, Sloth bears and Moon bears as they are targeted by poachers to feed the demand for their bile and other body parts. Free the Bears also supports the protection of wild bear populations via numerous environmental educational initiatives, sustainable alternative-livelihood programs for impoverished families, Protected Area staff training courses, and ground-breaking conservation research programs that aid protective interventions in wild bear populations.

You can read Alex's story on pages 17-19 of the March 2015 Issue of the Paws For Charity Magazine.

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