Sunday, January 4, 2015

Magazine (New!)

New year = new ideas! I would like to try something new in 2015 for the Paws For Charity Project. In the past, I have published The Paws For Charity Art Book in March/April. This year, I hope to publish a couple of issues of magazines throughout the year and will then be publishing an Art Book in October/early November.

The Paws For Charity Magazine is a new idea and....just like the Art Books....will depend on contributions from people like you. Unlike the Art Book, the magazine will feature stories about artists and photographers who contribute their time and talents to help animals in need. The magazine will evolve over time,
will start small (approx 30 pages?) and each article will be a full page, or double page spread.  (if you have any ideas or suggestions....or if you would like to contribute something...please email me).

My vision is to feature uplifting and inspirational stories about each artist/photographer...not just "q & a's", but a story (including images) about a project s/he is involved in, a group s/he is part of, etc. The page will also include a brief bio of the artist, and their contact links. All of you have so many interesting stories and unique talents. I'd like to share them! 

I'd like each issue to have a good balance of stories about artists and stories about photographers. I also envision a double page spread of "Adoption Spotlight" that features approx 10 animals up for adoption, with brief info about the animal, the photographer, and the rescue group.

Does this interest you? Are you working on a project that you think would make a good feature? Do you have any ideas for features? Do you see anything that should be changed?  Please send me your thoughts!

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