Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Artist Profile: Kat DeLap

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Kat DeLap, who joined our project this year. You can view Kat's facebook page at:
Kat DeLap (KatPaintsPets)
What are some things, people, or places that inspire you?  
My inspiration mostly stems from two sources; visual and heartfelt. Visual inspiration for me comes from photographs (mine and others'), being out among nature, networking and sharing with other artists, working with rescue dogs, a long drive, etc.  Heartfelt inspiration is harder to explain; it is more of a "you know it when it happens" sort of feeling. This is usually prompted from an emotional or soulful response to something not necessarily visual; music is a good example of this.  
Do you have a certain "style" in mind when you create your images?     

My pet portraits are all different in style and I vary the medium used on each. Some portraits may work best with minimal details and others are given fine details. My other works, non pet/animal, happen similarly wherein I let the references or my sketches tell me how to proceed.  

Do you ever find yourself in a creative dry spell? What do you do to get yourself inspired?   
No, never. I jump around in mediums and in different styles or I would get bored and I think this keeps me from getting into dry spells. My problem is making time to be creative. I'm really bad about letting other things monopolize my time and energy when I should be working on my art. Art is one of the things that makes me feel happiest and feeds my soul so I want to get better at carving out time for it.  Ideally, I'd like to work at my art full time.

Tell us about a current project you are working on?    

I'm currently working on a commissioned memorial portrait for a local Vet who's beloved pet dog passed away. Also, I've working on series of acrylics:  Each piece is of statuary that I've in one way or another altered visually in my painting to give them each a strong sense of emotion or soul. I have 7 of a planned 10 in the series completed or close to completion. They range in size from 16"x20" to 36"x48".

Tell us about a future project you have in mind? 

I'm collecting tesserae for a large mosaic piece made from either found objects or wine corks; the final subject of which is yet to be determined.

Thanks for joining our project Kat!

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