Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Artist Profile: Jenna Wilke

I'll continue to introduce the participant of the 2014 Paws For Charity Project throughout the year. Today, we hear from Jenna Wilke of ImagineAllTheArt.com. You can also find her on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imaginealltheart
Jenna Wilke  ImagineAllTheArt.com
Tell us about one of your favorite painting commissions?
One of my portraits was commissioned by a White German Shepherd breeder not to far from me.  I got to meet the breeder and the "daddy" dog, and snapped a few reference photos. I tried some new media on that portrait, and a new technique. The portrait was a BLAST to do from start to finish, and is still one of my favorite portraits to date. It was a huge turning point in my career as an artist.

What are some things, people, or places that inspire you?
People watching never ceases to inspire me. I also like to head out driving through the county right around dusk, when the sky is full of crazy colors and everything has this brilliant warm glow around it. 

Do you have a certain "style" in mind when you create your images?
My style is "life" - as I aim to imitate the colors and textures that you can feel and touch in real life. Those elements really give a portrait a heartbeat.

Tell us about a future project you have in mind?
I have been dying to get back into oil painting. I have several reference photos I've been holding on to, waiting for that opportunity to pull out my paint box once again. My skills as an artist have expanded so much since the last time I picked up a paint brush. 

Do you have a "life's embarrassing moment" you can tell us about one of your assignments?
One time I ran into one of my portrait clients when she was walking her two dogs (who I had JUST done a portrait of). I never met her in person before that, but I should have recognized the dogs after doing a HUGE portrait of them. It took me a few minutes of random conversation before I realized she was talking to me because of that. It was awkward and embarrassing!

Thanks Jenna...I'm so glad you participated in the 2014 Paws For Charity Project!

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