Sunday, July 27, 2014

Artist Profile: Jan Swan

Jan Swan has participated in the Paws For Charity Project for four years, as well as another project I put together in 2011 called "Love From Me".  Her continued generosity in donating her images (art and photographs) is absolutely wonderful! You can view some of her paintings and photographs here: or follow her on facebook: Jan Swan Paintings and Photography
Jan Swan   (
Where do you live? What made you want to contribute to help raise funds for an animal shelter in Nova Scotia?
I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  When I was first involved with Paws For Charity, the Nova Scotia shelter was not the charity the book supported.  Nevertheless, I am happy to contribute to any organization that helps animals, no matter where it is located.

Tell us about one of your favorite photo shoots/painting commissions?
I had a large painting of horses commissioned by a family in Canada. They had seen my miniature paintings on ETSY and commissioned me to do a large version.

Do you ever find yourself in a creative dry spell? What do you do to get yourself inspired?
I have been in an artistic dry spell this year.  Sometimes other aspects of life demand all ones attention and energy, and it has been that kind of year for me.  When this happens, I just wait it out, knowing that my muse will return when I'm ready.

Do you have any creative mentors?
My sister Mary, who is a very talented fiber artist, is a mentor to me.  She has encouraged me to try new things and to keep creating.

Thanks Jan....for your continued support in this project!

All proceeds from the sale of these books are donated to Sheltering Helpless Animals in Distress (, an animal Shelter in Nova Scotia.
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