Friday, July 25, 2014

Artist Profile: Amy McPherson

Today we travel to Missouri and meet photographer Amy McPherson. Pop over to Amy's website to take a look at some of her work: or visit her on facebook by clicking here.
Amy McPherson
Where do you live? What made you want to contribute to help raise funds for an animal shelter in Nova Scotia?   Independence, Missouri  - Our entire family are devoted animal lovers who spend almost every weekend at our local animal shelter volunteering.  Not only is it a chance for us to spend some quality time together, but we are able to touch the neglected lives of our four legged friends.  In doing so, they have touched our lives so much, for us to give back to them is the least we could have done.

Tell us about one of your favorite photo shoots?
One of my high school friends asked me to take photos of their country wedding.  I don't know if it was the groom riding down the aisle on his Harley or the bride and groom's riding off into the sunset in the scoop of their tractor, but is was one of the most fun moments I was able to capture on film.

What is your favorite photo/art piece and why?
My favorite photo is actually one that my dad captured of my late brother fishing off the banks on the Missouri River. 

Do you have a certain "style" in mind when you create your images?

I would describe my style as natural in terms of both lighting but more importantly in setting.  My intent is to ensure that I create images that  places my clients in a relaxed and casual comfortable background.  I don't like taking pictures that poses people in uncomfortable positions, making them look and feel awkward within the pictures. Many of my best shots are those in which they are not even looking directly at the camera.

Thanks Amy...I'm so glad you participated in the 2014 Paws For Charity Project!

All proceeds from the sale of these books are donated to Sheltering Helpless Animals in Distress (, an animal Shelter in Nova Scotia.
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