Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Artist Profile: Peta Santoro

Peta Santoro is new to the Paws For Charity Project this year. You can find out a lot more about Peta through her website (www.100loyalfaces.com), Flickr - Peta Santoro, Instagram - @petajoy_s, and Pinterest - Peta Santoro.
Inka and Peta Santoro (100loyalfaces.com)
Where do you live? What made you want to contribute to help raise funds for an animal shelter in Nova Scotia?
I live in Perth, Western Australia. I wanted to contribute to the Paws for Charity Project because I loved the concept. I am a collector of photographic art books and when I saw some of Sara’s previous editions, I jumped at the chance to be part of such a wonderful and well-intentioned project. Because the Paws for Charity is a benevolent project, I didn’t have any hesitation in wanting to contribute. I just hoped my work would add to the book’s appeal and therefore assist in raising funds. 
Tell us about one of your favorite photo shoots/painting commissions?
My favourite photo shoots are always the ones I do with my black Labrador, Inka Blossom. I’ve tried to teach her how to pose for photos and sometimes she will indulge me. Two particular shoots spring to mind when I think of “favourites”. I did a shoot with her at a park near my house. The sun was behind her and casting a beautiful, golden-pinkey hue over the tall, yellow grass. The colour of the sky really set off her black coat and the shots look magical. I have three photos from that shoot framed in my office. My other favourite shoot with Inky was at the dog beach where I took a series of shots of her shaking the water off her coat. The photos make me smile every time I look at them because she just looks so funny! 

What are some things, people, or places that inspire you?
I love looking at other peoples’ photographic work and studying it. So for that reason, I love visual mediums like Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram. In my opinion they are sites where people can offer up their work (or in the case of Pinterest, other peoples’ work) for art’s sake rather than to try to market a business. Even though I have a Facebook page, I actually loathe using it. The whole medium of Facebook has changed for me – it no longer feels like an inspiring place, but rather, a competitive and ruthless place where businesses are competing against each other for the most “likes”. I read a study recently that said people are more depressed after spending 30 minutes on Facebook than if they steered clear and I couldn’t have agreed more.

Tell us about a current project you are working on?
Last year I took 100 portraits of dogs for my charity project (the 100 Loyal Faces Project). I then used the images to create several pieces of artwork – a large fine art print, gift cards and a calendar. But I’ve been saving the best to last and I am currently working on turning some of my most poignant dog portraits into a photography book (hopefully in time for Christmas).
Thanks Peta....I'm so happy you joined us this year!
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