Monday, May 5, 2014

Artist Profile: Theresa Swain

Meet Theresa Swain, one of our participants from Canada. You can learn more about her at her website or on her facebook page
Theresa Swain
Where do you live? What made you want to contribute to help raise funds for an animal shelter in Nova Scotia?  I live in Calgary, Alberta.  I enjoy helping dogs through photography and I wanted to help SHAID after reading their story.  They sound like such a dedicated group of people, working hard on behalf of the animals year after year.  It feels good to contribute in some small way, even from afar.  As part of HeARTs Speak, I know that working together can accomplish so much.
Tell us about one of your favorite photo shoots/painting commissions? I tend to get to work with many puppies (and usually their moms who are also brought in to the rescue), but my favourite subjects are senior dogs.  I really want everyone to have lovely photographs of their dear pet, and I encourage people to do professional photos, whether through me or another photographer.  It's so important and comforting to have those lasting images. There is something about  the wise old face of a dog that just melts my heart.
What are some things, people, or places that inspire you?    I'm inspired by colour, line, light and texture.  I enjoy seeing well designed spaces that incorporate these and even better when it happens in nature.  I get way too excited about the colour wheel!  I enjoy my daily dose of photography and colour at  
Do you ever find yourself in a creative dry spell? What do you do to get yourself inspired?  When I'm feeling a bit uninspired, I like to go through my photo archives and try and find something new in a previous set of photos.  Often, during the initial rush of culling and editing, a good image can be overlooked.  As my style evolves, something might appeal to me that didn't before.
Tell us about a current project you are working on?  I've started to try to recruit more foster homes and awareness through photos presented as a public service announcement.  I'm starting with a daily posted image showing the benefits of fostering, with cute or funny images on my Facebook business page. This is not a new idea, but something different for me! 
A big THANK YOU to Theresa for donating her images to this project!

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