Monday, May 19, 2014

Artist Profile: Sabrina Moore

Today's featured artist is Sabrina Moore...learn more about her on her website: or her facebook page: Dirty-Paw-Photography
Sabrina Moore (
Where do you live? What made you want to contribute to help raise funds for an animal shelter in Nova Scotia?
I live in Alexandria, VA. I wanted to contribute to help raise funds because every animal in a shelter needs the basics for a comfortable stay until they find a home.

Do you have a certain "style" in mind when you create your images?
My style is to capture the character. The expression that captures the personality of that one animal. 
Tell us about one of your favorite photo shoots?
I can't single out just one photo shoot as a favorite. I enjoy sessions for the rescues and shelters the best because I get to meet a bunch of new faces that always make my day better. 

What is your favorite photo/art piece and why? 
My favorite images are the series of Oliver. He breaks down the stereotypes of "the pit bull" in all his photos. 

What are some things, people, or places that inspire you? 
I am inspired by all the people who dedicate their time helping animals in need.
Thank you so much, Sabrina, for participating in the 2014 Paws For Charity Project!

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