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Artist Profile: Vicki Jackson

Today we hear from Vicki Jackson. You can find out more about her on her website:
Vicki Jackson with Heidi
Where do you live? What made you want to contribute to help raise funds for an animal shelter in Nova Scotia?
I live in Renwick, a small town in Marlborough, New Zealand. It is part of the country’s foremost wine growing region. I first heard of the Paws for Charity Project this year, just a few days before the deadline for applicants. This is a project with a lot of heart! The concept is brilliant - a fantastic way for animal lovers, artists and photographers to collectively contribute to a worthy cause. Who wouldn’t want to buy such a delightful book that gives 100% of profits directly to the care of animals in need

What are some things, people, or places that inspire you?
Nature is second to none the biggest source of my inspiration. Just the other day I was taking our dog Heidi on her morning walk and came across a dead starling. It blew my mind how incredibly beautiful the plumage was. I took it home in a bag to photograph and sketch.
In New Zealand we are very lucky to have a great diversity of natural & wild environments to visit. Nearby, the Marlborough Sounds, Kaikoura & Nelson Lakes are all areas of high conservation and scenic value. On our doorstep we have a small natural planting styled garden which is an endless source of inspiration with the change of seasons and cycle of life. We have planted quite a variety of trees & shrubs which are typically NZ - to attract the native birds. The plants have now got their roots down and it is gratifying to see an increase in the number of nectar feeders, such as the beloved native Tui, Bellbird & Silvereye. We even had a wild Green Bell Frog take up residence in the summer. This time of year (Autumn) the delightful fantails are very frequent visitors and are also very charming to have around.
There are so many artists that I greatly admire. In the contemporary wildlife art world some of my favorites (for want of a better word) from afar are: Raymond Ching, Robert Bateman, Carl Brenders, William T Cooper & Carel Brest van Kempen.

Do you have a certain "style" in mind when you create your images?
My style of art is detailed realism and is typically portraiture. Whenever I paint an animal portrait, domestic or wild - I strive to create a sensitive piece that evokes an emotional response from the viewer and does justice to the animal. When capturing pets I usually like to keep the background very simple and free of distraction from the subject. With wildlife, often I like to include some of its natural habitat in the painting and a sense of where it belongs and its behaviour. Pastel has a lovely soft quality that lends itself well to rendering animals. Acrylic is a medium that I have only just recently begun to explore.

Tell us about a future project you have in mind?
Something that I have dreamed of doing for a while now is visiting the Archipelago’s of Indonesia & Malaysia - for its outstanding biodiversity and unique wildlife. I will of course love to see the endangered Orangutan of Borneo & also the unusual Proboscis Monkey, Sumatra’s endangered Elephant and critically endangered Orangutan, Rhino and Tiger. Other fascinating creatures such as the Komodo Dragon, Papua’s Birds of Paradise, an array of other birds, exotic marsupials & monkeys. Not to mention all the invertebrates. I would love to then put together a dedicated series of artworks from the trip and hopefully raise funds and awareness to benefit the conservation of these species.

Thanks Vicki...I'm so glad you participated in the 2014 Paws For Charity Project!

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