Monday, December 17, 2012

Tracey Allyn Greene

Tracey Allyn Greene
Bertie’s Boudoir © Tracey Allyn Greene                
Tracey Allyn Greene is a primarily self-taught artist who draws on her previous experience as a veterinary technician to bring animals to life in her pet portraits, working in oils on canvas. Mostly known for her quirky, fun, and sensitive cat portraits, (she considers cats to
be her special muses), she does not limit herself and paints most any type of animal, as well as many other subjects.  She regularly rescues animals to this day and donates portraits
to several animal charities every year.

“While still working as a vet tech, Hurricane Katrina hit. Our clinic helped a local rescue that was bringing up dogs and cats from flooded New Orleans. Bertie was a tiny kitten out of a litter that was rescued, who didn't get adopted because she constantly bit at her tail. We eventually had to dock her tail, and I took her home to help her to heal. She is quite happy with her bobtail and her home with me, and enjoys lying in my bathroom sink every morning. This painting took a Best in Show award in May 2011.” - Tracey

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