Friday, December 21, 2012

Karen M. Berisford

Karen M. Berisford
I’ll Look After You! © Karen M. Berisford              
Karen M. Berisford has always loved animals, big or small and of any kind! She has always enjoyed producing Artwork of Birds and the Big Cats but also offers pet and portrait commissions within the UK and Internationally. She also tutors Art on a regular basis and is happy to be involved in raising money for the PAWS for Charity too - Every animal deserves a happy life!
“I have huge adoration for animals and am proud to be able to help them in some way by contributing one of my artworks to the cause. I'm sure these two little boys would be happy to know they are helping raise money for dogs in care and that they would hope that some of the money raised could contribute towards a bone or two for those dogs in care as well as a loving home like these two have!” - Karen

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