Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Karen E. Phillips

Karen E. Phillips
Pup ‘n’ Boots © Karen E Phillips                                             
Karen E. Phillips is a self taught artist and photographer based in Surrey, UK. Specialising in highly detailed pencil drawings, Karen travels to gain high quality images of the animal subjects she portrays. Karen supports conservation by donating original artworks, prints and
a percentage of sales to various organisations.

“Having recently taken on three abandoned cats from a rescue centre, I am happy to be involved with a project which raises money to help animal shelters.”  - Karen

"Pup 'n' Boots" is available on blank greeting cards. Another of Karen's images, entitled "One Of A Kind" is available in two different postcard sets in our Paws For Charity etsy shop. All our participating artists paid for the printing of their cards. That means the FULL purchase price is donated to charity (

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