Monday, December 10, 2012

Érica Kamisaki

Érica Kamisaki
Purrr © Érica Kamisaki
Born in 1977 in Brazil, Érica Kamisaki has always been a pet lover and has been helping the animal cause since 2008 by sewing and donating beds for animals in need. As an artist, she paints animals in pastel, donating part of her income to help pay for the treatment andshelter of injured animals. She has eight adopted cats and 2 adopted dogs rescued from the streets who help her get the job done!

“As a person worried about animal welfare, I do everything I can to help gather funds for the cause,  knowing that it is the only way they can have a chance. No matter which country they are from, they are as important as my own pets and deserve all the respect and care one needs.” - Érica

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