Thursday, November 22, 2012

Karen Haas

Karen Haas
Saying Hello © Karen Haas           
From her earliest recollections, growing up in the countryside in the South of England, Karen Haas has always been interested in art using her fascination with textures and light to capture images of the animals that surrounded her. Later, after a spell in Germany and now  based in New York, she has used her husband Eugene's work in the sports industry as further inspiration for her work with her images of sports scenes. Using mainly pastels allows her a soft yet rich, lifelike texture in her work.

“I like to seize the opportunity to expand the possibilities of my art using different mediums, such as creating my paintings into jewelry. I am a great believer that art should help people as a part of it's power, hence I am happy to be involved in this project.”  - Karen

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