Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Andrea Savelo

Andrea Savelo
Under-Dog © Andrea Savelo            
Andrea Savelo has spent the last four years capturing the light and love in her subjects. She is getting back to her roots this year and hopes to work more with her most favorite subject -
Dogs. She loves the underdog, the over dogs, the little dogs and the great big dogs. Did we mention, she loves dogs?

“The 'Under-Dog' wins our hearts time and again. The pound puppy, the runt of the littler, and the little dog who thinks she's a Great Dane. They teach us that whatever size we are, whatever our situation may be, or whatever challenge we may have to face, that we can and will over come it if we have the spirit, the passion, the hope and the heart of an underdog. I hope that we continue to learn from all of our animal friends and that we live each day one at a time like they do so well.” - Andrea

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