Monday, September 24, 2012

Madeleine D. Schmoll

Madeleine D. Schmoll
Panther © Madeleine D. Schmoll        
Madeleine D. Schmoll is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Film Journalism at the University of Glasgow in Scotland while working part time as a production assistant. She loves traveling, food,  film and writing about all of the above. One day she hopes to work in film and have a lovely family of cats, taking the crazy out of crazy cat lady.

“Having grown-up and lived on both sides of the Atlantic, I believe in art that transcends culture  boundaries. As a photographer, my goal is to document all the quirky, candid, and artistic moments that life brings. Being the pet 'sister' of a family of rescued animals this project holds a special place in my heart.” - Madeleine

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