Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ken Drake

Ken Drake
Diesel © Ken Drake       

Ken Drake is the photographer at Zoo Studio and has been working exclusively with animals for 6 years. He photographs over 1200 dogs each year, plus multiple cats, birds, snakes, lizards, rats, kangaroos, and many others. Ken has recently received much international acclaim for his animal photos, winning the PDN Faces competition, being a finalist in the International Aperture Awards and Canon Creative Asia competition, and being made an Associate of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

“When I'm photographing an animal, I'm always looking for ways to tell their story, and make the  viewer feel that they know the subject intimately just from the portrait. I also embrace all things to do with my subjects, in this case the drool, as it is part of their character. I'm kind of weird, I love dog drool!”  - Ken

And here is a little update from Ken:
"Things have been totally hectic here, we have been shooting for an RSPCA book, an RSPCA calendar and a book for a charity called Oscars Law. We did have some great news, we followed up on our win in last years PDN international photo competition with a win in this years prestigious International Photography Awards! All the details are on our blog It is a harrowing photo of a seriously abused dog, so don't go clicking expecting a happy smiling pooch… but it really helped the charity concerned which is why we took the photo in the first place."

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