Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nancie Johnson

Nancie Johnson

Working with a style that she learned in high school art class, Nancie Johnson does what she has termed "shapes" paintings combined with a touch of realism. A self-taught artist with a touch of instructional schooling, she uses blocks of color, painted side by side - and invites the viewer's eye to do the blending. "Art is not a thing" is her main belief, and she holds true to that belief with any work that she produces.
Couple of Blondes © Nancie Johnson

“So many people in New York have dogs, you can see them walking them every day. And today, so many people are either on their cell phones or texting. It just seemed natural to combine them in this painting. And although the owner is busy with her technology, something off to the side has caught the dog's attention as well.”- Nancie 

"Couple of Blondes" is available on a blank postcard in a couple of different postcard sets in the Paws For Charity Etsy Shop.

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