Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lisa O'Regan

Lisa O'Regan
Indoor Cat © Lisa O’Regan      lisaoregan.blogspot.com

Lisa O’Regan is a traditional artist,capturing and preserving memories in many different mediums. Inspired by her mother's talents, Lisa has been drawing and painting since a very young age. She pursued an education, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1986. After a 15-year hiatus to raise her family, she returned to her passion in 2008 of capturing images of people, wildlife and nature, on canvas and paper. She hasn't looked back since, and is forever with a brush or pencil in her hand.

“Sepia is a stray that we took in one wintry evening in 2009. She's basically your typical "scaredy-cat" - a little skittish, and forever cautious. Who knows what might have happened to her before she found us. She's not an indoor cat, as this painting implies, but now knows where her home is,that she is loved, and shares with her fellow furry friends, Simba, Sienna, and Salem. Ah yes...did I mention that I love cats? I have four, and they have been depicted in many of my artworks.” - Lisa

"Indoor Cat" was available on greeting cards in the Paws For Charity Etsy Shop, but they have SOLD OUT! Thanks Lisa!

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Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous as usual Lisa. And sold out to boot! Great job!