Monday, July 30, 2012

Patricia Eldridge

Patricia Eldridge
Guardian Angel with Schnauzer © Patricia Eldridge
Patricia Eldridge began her career by majoring in art at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida. Currently, she does custom paintings in watercolor of people, landscapes and pets. She prefers a loose whimsical style that portrays a moment in time rather than a portrait of a person or place. Her work is displayed in several galleries in Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.  

“I have always been crazy for dogs and cats and have never been without a pet for very long. I have a couple of series of pet paintings that I make into prints that I can sell to help raise money for animal welfare and also to donate for fund raisers. I also illustrated a children’s book about a rescue dog giving tips on how to care for a pet. I’m so proud to be a part of this project too! I love using my art to help give back.” - Patricia

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Michelee Scott

Michelee Scott 
Let’s Play Ball © Michelee Scott

Michelee Scott has worked alternately as a Registered Nurse, animal advocate and rescue volunteer in four different countries. During her second stop in San Diego in 2010, she began to seriously pursue her decades old passion for photography. Michelee is currently a professional pet photographer in San Diego and continues to pursue her Masters of Fine Arts with an emphasis in photography. In addition to photographing pets and their people, she most enjoys landscape and urban or street photography.  

“I donate more than 50 percent of my time and resources to animal rescues in need of services. To combine my passion for photography with the beauty of our animal companions for a worthy cause is the ultimate gift as an animal advocate and artist.” - Michelee 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lisa O'Regan

Lisa O'Regan
Indoor Cat © Lisa O’Regan

Lisa O’Regan is a traditional artist,capturing and preserving memories in many different mediums. Inspired by her mother's talents, Lisa has been drawing and painting since a very young age. She pursued an education, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1986. After a 15-year hiatus to raise her family, she returned to her passion in 2008 of capturing images of people, wildlife and nature, on canvas and paper. She hasn't looked back since, and is forever with a brush or pencil in her hand.

“Sepia is a stray that we took in one wintry evening in 2009. She's basically your typical "scaredy-cat" - a little skittish, and forever cautious. Who knows what might have happened to her before she found us. She's not an indoor cat, as this painting implies, but now knows where her home is,that she is loved, and shares with her fellow furry friends, Simba, Sienna, and Salem. Ah yes...did I mention that I love cats? I have four, and they have been depicted in many of my artworks.” - Lisa

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rebecca Wang

Rebecca Wang
A Ride With Talisker © Rebecca Wang        

Rebecca Wang is an American expatriate currently living in Hong Kong. She has been painting with oil since 2009. Rebecca has a Computer Science Engineering degree minoring in Music from MIT and is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries. She is now a full time mom living with her husband and two children. She enjoys painting and playing the piano.

“Talisker and his family just moved to Los Angeles. On this sunny day, the family took a road trip out to Ojai, California along with his carefree Californian attitude!” - Rebecca

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Amy Mansfield

Amy Mansfield

Amy Mansfield is a pet photographer in Carlsbad, California who has combined her love for animals  with her passion for photography. She donates her time and photography skills at a local county  animal shelter and is also actively involved with the SDDAC Pit Crew - a pit bull advocate group at  the shelter. By providing the shelter with beautiful photos of the dogs, she hopes it will give these animals a better chance in finding their forever homes.
Patrick © Amy Mansfield     

“Along my journey, I have fallen head over heels in love with the underdog! Please support your local rescue or shelter. Volunteer, foster, adopt!” - Amy

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vic Ritchey

Vic Ritchey

 “My pet series deals with the plight of animals being held captive, bringing attention to puppy mills and animal abuse. I want to evoke an emotional response from the viewer and to take on the struggle as a voice to those who have none.” - Vic
Help Release Me II © Vic Ritchey

Here is Vic's complete bio, taken from his website:

Vic was born and raised in South-Central Pennsylvania in a small village near the city of Altoona. Being creative all his life, he grew up interested in art, constantly drawing various characters and cutting them out and putting them in a shoebox to play with later. He created a comic strip while he was still in grade school and received his first “commission” from his grandfather, creating a watercolor of Dunning Mountain in Pennsylvania.

He started doing portraits in pastel and graphite while in high school of his family and friends. Voted “Most Artistic” in his high school yearbook, Vic painted an acrylic mountainside scene, “Desert Splendor”, which hung in the school’s gallery showcase. It was his art teacher that pointed him to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he studied Commercial Art. This was just the beginning of his life-long love for art.

After a few semesters in college, Vic decided to go into the U.S. Navy where he was a crew member aboard the USS Moosebrugger (DD980). This was one of his best experiences, traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures. Stationed in Charleston, South Carolina for four years, he returned to Pennsylvania after the service only remaining there for several years before moving to Virginia, outside of Washington D.C. where he worked as a Graphic Artist for various non-profits. Although, an exciting place to live, his direction was to pursue other opportunities. Briefly living in Ohio, he eventually found his home in Boonton, New Jersey outside one of the greatest Art capitals in the world, New York City. He currently works as a Web Designer while painting during his spare time.

 Largely a self-taught artist, Vic received his degree in Fine Art, studying in the Visual Art curriculum at the County College of Morris in Randolph, New Jersey. He studied painting under Todd Doney specializing in oil painting and mentored by Keith Smith, Dean of Liberal Arts.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nancie Johnson

Nancie Johnson

Working with a style that she learned in high school art class, Nancie Johnson does what she has termed "shapes" paintings combined with a touch of realism. A self-taught artist with a touch of instructional schooling, she uses blocks of color, painted side by side - and invites the viewer's eye to do the blending. "Art is not a thing" is her main belief, and she holds true to that belief with any work that she produces.
Couple of Blondes © Nancie Johnson

“So many people in New York have dogs, you can see them walking them every day. And today, so many people are either on their cell phones or texting. It just seemed natural to combine them in this painting. And although the owner is busy with her technology, something off to the side has caught the dog's attention as well.”- Nancie 

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