Friday, June 15, 2012

Carrie Jacobson

Carrie Jacobson
Carrie Jacobson lives with her husband, six dogs, three cats and a fair amount of chaos. She figures that if people can't accept her, pet hair and all, well, that's their loss. She's a successful painter of landscapes and pets, and a die-hard Red Sox fan.
Jojo by Carrie Jacobson (
“I love bright colors, beautiful landscapes and the people and animals who inhabit them. Largely self-taught, I paint with a palette knife, and make pieces that are expressive and, ideally, evocative as well. Anything I can do to help homeless animals makes a better world for us all.” - Carrie

Carrie's artwork is available on blank greeting cards and in post card sets on the Paws For Charity Etsy shop. Carrie paid for the printing of the cards, and that means ALL proceeds from the sale of the cards in our etsy shop are donated to SHAID Animal Shelter.

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