Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rachel Potter

Rachel Potter
Bipod © Rachel Potter   (

Dr. Rachel Potter is a Veterinarian from Vicksburg, Mississippi. Her photography passion began soon after the birth of her second child, but it wasn't until much later that she discovered that her true passion is photographing animals. She volunteers her time to the local rescue, PAWS Rescue in hopes that better images will help boost adoptive interest.

Rachel tells the story about her photo of Bipod:

"Bipod is a patient of mine that was found as a stray paraplegic kitten and nursed back to health and adopted to a lovely woman who had just lost her beloved cat. This photo was actually my FIRST attempt at a pet photography image. It snowballed into helping me focus my photography towards predominantly animal subjects.

As a veterinarian its easy for me to get wrapped up in the science of helping animals. My photography has given me a way to give back and remember that pets are FAMILY and have personalities with stories to tell. It reminds me on hard days... why I got into veterinary medicine in the first place... for the love of animals."
- Rachel

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