Thursday, May 3, 2012

Megan Janae Photography

Megan Janae Photography
Three Gorgeous Labs (River, Ellie and Circuit)© Megan Janae (
Megan’s Dad helped her build a darkroom in their garage when she was only 12 – she used to hide in there, listening to Pearl Jam, pretending there weren’t spiders lurking underneath everything – literally watching her world develop in front of her. Fifteen years later, Megan’s Mom gave her her first DSLR – and she still cradles it like a baby every time it comes out of its protective case. Though it’s not something she can put into words, there is something about photography that defines Megan, and she likes to think her photos speak for her.

"I can’t help but feel, no matter how harebrained or goofy they may appear, that when I look into a dog’s eyes, I'm not only glimpsing a bit of who they really are – they’re also seeing truth in me. Dog’s have no pretense, no judgement – and this is what I'm driven to capture on film. For anyone that struggles to define love, I encourage them to bask in a dog’s unreserved affection and boundless admiration... though you may emerge covered in hair and drool, you’ll be smiling inside and out nonetheless." - Megan

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