Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alex Cearns

Alex Cearns 
The Wave by Alex Cearns

Alex Cearns is a multi award winning and widely published animal photographer. She owns Houndstooth Studio in Perth, Australia and creates stunning animal portraits of her furred, feathered, fanged and finned clients. Alex combines her extensive animal handling expertise with skilful use of lighting to capture her subjects in full colour and intricate detail. Named Best Canine Photographer/ Artist in Australia in the 4th Annual Dog Owners Choice Awards, she is a contributing photographer for dozens of state national and international animal charity organisations. She has worked on commission for Australian Geographic magazine and her images have graced many publications, from magazine covers to a national postage stamp release. 

 “My pets are many things to me – friends, confidantes, healers, endless sources of fun and laughter. They never cease to bring joy into my life. All animals deserve our care, protection and love, no matter where they live or how they come to be.” - Alex

Alex was our "cover girl" this year....she provided the photo for our front cover.

Cards and postcards by Alex are available in our Paws For Charity Etsy Shop. Alex paid for the printing of the cards, and that means ALL proceeds from the sale of her cards are donated to charity!

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