Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alex Cearns

Alex Cearns 
The Wave by Alex Cearns

Alex Cearns is a multi award winning and widely published animal photographer. She owns Houndstooth Studio in Perth, Australia and creates stunning animal portraits of her furred, feathered, fanged and finned clients. Alex combines her extensive animal handling expertise with skilful use of lighting to capture her subjects in full colour and intricate detail. Named Best Canine Photographer/ Artist in Australia in the 4th Annual Dog Owners Choice Awards, she is a contributing photographer for dozens of state national and international animal charity organisations. She has worked on commission for Australian Geographic magazine and her images have graced many publications, from magazine covers to a national postage stamp release. 

 “My pets are many things to me – friends, confidantes, healers, endless sources of fun and laughter. They never cease to bring joy into my life. All animals deserve our care, protection and love, no matter where they live or how they come to be.” - Alex

Alex was our "cover girl" this year....she provided the photo for our front cover.

Cards and postcards by Alex are available in our Paws For Charity Etsy Shop. Alex paid for the printing of the cards, and that means ALL proceeds from the sale of her cards are donated to charity!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fred Langer

Fred Langer
High Alert © Fred Langer

Fred Langer is a photographer based in Boulder, Colorado. A software developer by trade, Fred spends most of his free time taking pictures, processing images, and creating albums. He enjoys travel and foreign cultures for both the experience and the photographic opportunities.

“Photography is my artistic outlet to balance out the daily left-brain activities that fill my day. From early on I realized that pictures involving people and pets provide my most compelling images. Natural light, color, and selective focus are the compositional tools I turn to most often when creating distinctive photographs.” - Fred

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Staci Marlo

Staci Marlo (under construction)

Joy At The Beach © Staci Marlo      
Staci Marlo was interested in being a veterinarian as a child. Her empathy and knowledge of animals were such that she knew people in general didn’t understand the depth of intelligence of the animal kingdom. She continued to learn and appreciate
animals through her photography and art.

“I’ve been interested over the years in assisting in raising world consciousness benevolently. With my art, I continue to find ways to do so. I’m very happy to contribute to this project and I do hope that, through continued benevolence, there is expanded respect toward the animal kingdom.” - Staci

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lori Rembetski

Lori Rembetski
Kaleb © Lori Rembetski

Lori Rembetski has never had a dog, but cannot stop creating them. She believes dogs open doors to conversations and help to form friendships with people. Lori Rembetski earned her BFA from Alfred University with an emphasis on ceramics. She has been included in juried shows in Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island. She lives with her husband in New London, CT.

"In my work I am exploring the universal nature of dogs as expressed through body language." - Lori

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chris Boyd

Chris Boyd

Upon His Throne © Chris Boyd
Chris has been snapping photos ever since his small fingers would allow. It wasn’t until around 3 years ago when he invested in a decent DSLR set-up that everything truly came to life. His passion for photography and animals is manifested beautifully through his work. He likes to focus more on naturally situated subjects than staged photos as this is where true emotion is brought to life.

“I find that whenever life feels overwhelming or hard, a look into the eyes of a cat or dog brings to light how complicated we make our own lives. It is the great balancer. I feel honoured to use my work for such an amazing cause”. - Chris

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Anna Clemann

Anna Clemann

Snow Husky © Anna Clemann   (

Anna Clemann is an award-winning animal photographer specialising in pet and wildlife photography. With a Diploma of Arts (Applied Photography) and more than seven years photographic experience, Anna dedicates her time to capturing animals both within their domestic and wild settings. In 2005, Anna began Creature Focus Animal Photography, a pet and animal portrait studio based in Melbourne, Australia.

"When I see an animal I don’t just see a dog or a cat, I see a personality and each animal has their own unique character. In my photography, whether it is of domestic or wild animals, I try to capture a quick glimpse of that character." - Anna

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rachel Potter

Rachel Potter
Bipod © Rachel Potter   (

Dr. Rachel Potter is a Veterinarian from Vicksburg, Mississippi. Her photography passion began soon after the birth of her second child, but it wasn't until much later that she discovered that her true passion is photographing animals. She volunteers her time to the local rescue, PAWS Rescue in hopes that better images will help boost adoptive interest.

Rachel tells the story about her photo of Bipod:

"Bipod is a patient of mine that was found as a stray paraplegic kitten and nursed back to health and adopted to a lovely woman who had just lost her beloved cat. This photo was actually my FIRST attempt at a pet photography image. It snowballed into helping me focus my photography towards predominantly animal subjects.

As a veterinarian its easy for me to get wrapped up in the science of helping animals. My photography has given me a way to give back and remember that pets are FAMILY and have personalities with stories to tell. It reminds me on hard days... why I got into veterinary medicine in the first place... for the love of animals."
- Rachel

Monday, May 7, 2012

Donation to SHAID

handing our $1500 donation to SHAID representative Harold
I'm extremely happy to announce that I gave our first donation from the 2012 Paws For Charity Project to SHAID ( today....$1,500!! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Kathy Litzinger

Near and Dear by Kathy Litzinger
Kathy Litzinger is primarily a nature photographer who also loves animals.

Kathy loves to capture animals in a candid, natural way in their own environment. She is able to hone this skill on her daily walks in the park with her dog Banks. She encounters different people everyday and gets the opportunity to photograph their pets. The response she gets to these photos is her greatest satisfaction. If you just step back and observe it's amazing what you can capture.

Kathy studied photography at a local community college in Maryland. She started her own company, Photo Inspirations in 2010. Kathy exhibits her work at local art galleries, as well as the local wildlife store. She also provides specialized artwork to professional organizations, including the local bird and nature club.

Nature refreshes Kathy's soul and it gives her pure joy to bring nature's beauty to light for others.

"Every dog I have owned has been a rescue. I consider myself honored to have had them share my life. They have been my best friend, my savior, my greatest joy. They have left a huge hole in my heart when they departed this earth. I wouldn't have it any other way." - Kathy

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Megan Janae Photography

Megan Janae Photography
Three Gorgeous Labs (River, Ellie and Circuit)© Megan Janae (
Megan’s Dad helped her build a darkroom in their garage when she was only 12 – she used to hide in there, listening to Pearl Jam, pretending there weren’t spiders lurking underneath everything – literally watching her world develop in front of her. Fifteen years later, Megan’s Mom gave her her first DSLR – and she still cradles it like a baby every time it comes out of its protective case. Though it’s not something she can put into words, there is something about photography that defines Megan, and she likes to think her photos speak for her.

"I can’t help but feel, no matter how harebrained or goofy they may appear, that when I look into a dog’s eyes, I'm not only glimpsing a bit of who they really are – they’re also seeing truth in me. Dog’s have no pretense, no judgement – and this is what I'm driven to capture on film. For anyone that struggles to define love, I encourage them to bask in a dog’s unreserved affection and boundless admiration... though you may emerge covered in hair and drool, you’ll be smiling inside and out nonetheless." - Megan