Thursday, April 5, 2012


28 postcards from participating artists & photographers
Paws For Charity has an Etsy online shop with greeting cards and postcards. The printing of our Paws For Charity cards are paid for by the participating artists and photographers. They donate a number of their cards to the Paws For Charity Project. Because the artists have paid for the cards, the FULL purchase price (less shipping costs) are donated to charity. 

All funds raised from this year's card sales are being donated to Sheltering Helpless Animals In Distress (, an animal shelter in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

Images are from the following contributors:
14 Art Cards:
"Couple of Blondes" by Nancie Johnson (
"Guardian Angel With Schnauzer" by Patricia Eldridge
"Wheels Turning" by Bobbie Deuell (
"Spotty Tan" by Lori Rowe (
"Smokey" by Carrie jacobson (
"Phoebe, Cornish Rex" by Ann-Kathrin Wirth (
"Pup and kitty" by Angie ketelhut (
"A Ride With Talisker" by Rebecca Wang (
"Three Aussie Love" by Jeff Potter (
"One Of A Kind" by Karen E. Phillips (
"Neegee" by Lisa Graziotto (
"Bertie's Boudoir" by Tracey Allyn Greene (
"Rex by Sue Collins (
"Stanley" by Deanna maxwell (

14 Photo Cards:
"Untitled" by funpoochfoto (
"Snow Husky" by Anna Clemann (
"Best Friends" by Jennifer Kelley (
"At The Fence" by Mary Hooker (
"Tatiana" by Derek Johnston
"Pug Paw" by Alex Cearns (
"Christmas Dinner" by Cynthia Lynn (
"Did You Say Kittycat?" by Jennifer Gonzales
"Say Hello" by Marcie Scudder (
"Ready To Round Up" by Phil Dolby (
"Crunchie The Poser" by Claire Garrett (
"Three Gorgeous Labs" by Megan Janae (
"Patrick" by Amy Mansfield (
"Cat On Scaffolding" by Jan Swan (

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