Friday, December 21, 2012

Karen M. Berisford

Karen M. Berisford
I’ll Look After You! © Karen M. Berisford              
Karen M. Berisford has always loved animals, big or small and of any kind! She has always enjoyed producing Artwork of Birds and the Big Cats but also offers pet and portrait commissions within the UK and Internationally. She also tutors Art on a regular basis and is happy to be involved in raising money for the PAWS for Charity too - Every animal deserves a happy life!
“I have huge adoration for animals and am proud to be able to help them in some way by contributing one of my artworks to the cause. I'm sure these two little boys would be happy to know they are helping raise money for dogs in care and that they would hope that some of the money raised could contribute towards a bone or two for those dogs in care as well as a loving home like these two have!” - Karen

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Karen E. Phillips

Karen E. Phillips
Pup ‘n’ Boots © Karen E Phillips                                             
Karen E. Phillips is a self taught artist and photographer based in Surrey, UK. Specialising in highly detailed pencil drawings, Karen travels to gain high quality images of the animal subjects she portrays. Karen supports conservation by donating original artworks, prints and
a percentage of sales to various organisations.

“Having recently taken on three abandoned cats from a rescue centre, I am happy to be involved with a project which raises money to help animal shelters.”  - Karen

"Pup 'n' Boots" is available on blank greeting cards. Another of Karen's images, entitled "One Of A Kind" is available in two different postcard sets in our Paws For Charity etsy shop. All our participating artists paid for the printing of their cards. That means the FULL purchase price is donated to charity (

Monday, December 17, 2012

Tracey Allyn Greene

Tracey Allyn Greene
Bertie’s Boudoir © Tracey Allyn Greene                
Tracey Allyn Greene is a primarily self-taught artist who draws on her previous experience as a veterinary technician to bring animals to life in her pet portraits, working in oils on canvas. Mostly known for her quirky, fun, and sensitive cat portraits, (she considers cats to
be her special muses), she does not limit herself and paints most any type of animal, as well as many other subjects.  She regularly rescues animals to this day and donates portraits
to several animal charities every year.

“While still working as a vet tech, Hurricane Katrina hit. Our clinic helped a local rescue that was bringing up dogs and cats from flooded New Orleans. Bertie was a tiny kitten out of a litter that was rescued, who didn't get adopted because she constantly bit at her tail. We eventually had to dock her tail, and I took her home to help her to heal. She is quite happy with her bobtail and her home with me, and enjoys lying in my bathroom sink every morning. This painting took a Best in Show award in May 2011.” - Tracey

"Bertie's Boudoir" is available in two different postcard sets in our Paws For Charity etsy shop , as well as on blank greeting cards. All our participating artists paid for the printing of their cards. That means the FULL purchase price is donated to charity (

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dawn Jones

Dawn Jones
Lola © Dawn Jones
Dawn Jones is an artist inspired by the beauty of nature, her Midland/Welsh heritage, and the rich diversity of the world around her. She currently lives in the Midlands, UK, not far from the beautiful Shropshire and Welsh countryside. Working in a variety of mediums
including graphite, watercolour, pastel, acrylic and oils, Dawn aims to capture nature’s
ultimate beauty in her seascapes/landscapes, the animal’s spirit in her wildlife studies and
the personality of your child or pet in her commissioned portraits.

“I adopted my beautiful cat 'Lola' one year ago when her owners no longer wanted her. I had
recently lost my very elderly tom cat 'Nero', a stray I had taken in and loved for the last few years of his life. Both of these cats were no longer wanted for very different reasons, and made the most wonderful loving pets. When possible, I actively support animal charities by donating a percentage of my sold animal artwork and welcome the opportunity to support this project.”
- Dawn

"Lola" is available on blank greeting cards in the Paws For Charity Etsy Shop. All our participating artists paid for the printing of their cards. That means that the full purchase price is donated to charity (!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Karla K. Cook

Karla K. Cook
The Court Jester and The Queen © Karla K. Cook               
For years Karla K. Cook was a successful fiber artist- creating and teaching;  knitting, spinning, felting and quilting. Nothing quieted an insistent muse until she accepted a challenge by her eldest son, and discovered painting. She has found that using her love of
animals with her love of painting makes for a winning combination. With each animal she
paints, she attempts to bring that animal's personality through the painting to the viewer.

“I believe that the inclusion of animals in our lives serves to enhance our humanity and allows us to appreciate the beauty of the world around us. For my entire life, I have been surrounded by a menagerie: cats, dogs, hedgehogs, rabbits, birds, mice and fish have all at one time or another  inhabited my heart and my home. My greatest success is seeing a smile flash across someone's face when they look at my paintings. Why do I paint? Because I have to! Because I firmly support rescue, 10% of each painting sold is donated to either the MSPCA or another rescue.” -Karla

Monday, December 10, 2012

Érica Kamisaki

Érica Kamisaki
Purrr © Érica Kamisaki
Born in 1977 in Brazil, Érica Kamisaki has always been a pet lover and has been helping the animal cause since 2008 by sewing and donating beds for animals in need. As an artist, she paints animals in pastel, donating part of her income to help pay for the treatment andshelter of injured animals. She has eight adopted cats and 2 adopted dogs rescued from the streets who help her get the job done!

“As a person worried about animal welfare, I do everything I can to help gather funds for the cause,  knowing that it is the only way they can have a chance. No matter which country they are from, they are as important as my own pets and deserve all the respect and care one needs.” - Érica

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bobbie Deuell

Bobbie Deuell
Wheels Turning © Bobbie Deuell                

Bobbie Deuell is a self taught artist specializing in art of Horse and Hound. She specializes in pastel, oil and scratchboard portraits. Bobbie has 3 dogs and 2 horses and lives near the Florida Horse Park, so is never at a loss for inspiration. Her passion is riding Dressage on her half Andalusian pony and creating beautiful artwork!

 “My desire is to Capture the Spirit and the Moment of special times with our animals using color, light and technique.” - Bobbie

"Wheels Turning" is available in two different postcard sets in our Paws For Charity etsy shop. All our participating artists paid for the printing of their cards. That means the FULL purchase price is donated to charity (

Monday, December 3, 2012

Ann-Kathrin Wirth

Ann-Kathrin Wirth
"Phoebe", Cornish Rex © Ann-Kathrin Wirth
Ann-Kathrin Wirth is an illustrator who has been fascinated by the intricacies of the natural world since a very young age. She loves to depict an animal not as a type specimen of an entire species, but as an individual in its own right. Ann-Kathrin’s work is the result of a life-long passion for nature and its conservation. Through her paintings, she hopes to engage the viewer in an emotional way and help them to feel the same passion for nature, animals and conservation that she feels.

“Phoebe was the first cat I ever painted, and her green eyes mesmerized me. Both she and her painted counterpart brought her owners great joy, and when she is gone, they will have something to look at that reminds them of her and her personality. Just as my illustrations support the conservation of endangered habitats and species, so will Phoebe, through this project, help cats, dogs and other creatures in need.” - Ann-Kathrin

"Phoebe" is available in two different postcard sets in our Paws For Charity etsy shop. All our participating artists paid for the printing of their cards. That means the FULL purchase price is donated to charity (

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jennifer Gonzales

Did You Say Kittycat? © Jennifer Gonzales
Jennifer Gonzales is an amateur photographer by night and a librarian by day. She lives in
Texas with her husband and two dogs.

“I disagree with ALL forms of animal abuse. I think the work that SHAID does is incredible,  but I wish that there was not a need for such places to exist. I am grateful that there are people who are willing to dedicate their time and resources to helping the innocent victims of abuse. I support this work fully!” - Jennifer

Jennifer's photo is available for purchase in two different postcard sets in the Paws For Charity etsy shop. All the participating artists paid for the printing of their cards, and that means that the full purchase price (less shipping) is donated to S.H.A.I.D.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Karen Haas

Karen Haas
Saying Hello © Karen Haas           
From her earliest recollections, growing up in the countryside in the South of England, Karen Haas has always been interested in art using her fascination with textures and light to capture images of the animals that surrounded her. Later, after a spell in Germany and now  based in New York, she has used her husband Eugene's work in the sports industry as further inspiration for her work with her images of sports scenes. Using mainly pastels allows her a soft yet rich, lifelike texture in her work.

“I like to seize the opportunity to expand the possibilities of my art using different mediums, such as creating my paintings into jewelry. I am a great believer that art should help people as a part of it's power, hence I am happy to be involved in this project.”  - Karen

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lisa Graziotto

Lisa Graziotto
Neegee © Lisa Graziotto     
Lisa Graziotto (aka “lisa g.”) was born in a small town. 
her favourite toys were her
a wall,
and a box
of crayons.

life was all
around her
and she wanted
to grow up
to spend her time
drawing all
that she saw.

“i love animals. i paint animals. i draw animals.” - Lisa

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Susan Fischer

Susan Fischer
Emmett © Susan Fischer                         
Susan Fischer is a photographer based in Montreal, Canada. The spontaneity, simplicity, and beauty of children and animals make them her favourite subjects. Susan is actively involved with several local animal rescues, and is a proud member of HeArtspeak, an international organization of artists volunteering their time and talent to help animals in need. This self taught photographer is fuelled by her passion in capturing the quintessential nature of her subjects.

“I am honoured to participate in this project. Photography is my way of celebrating and looking back at the contributions and profound impact animals have made on our life journey. I'm happy to "pay it forward".” - Susan

Monday, November 12, 2012

Holly Montgomery

Holly Montgomery
Summer Lovin’ © Holly Montgomery
Holly Montgomery is the owner/photographer at BrindleBerry - Custom Pet Photography in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and has been photographing pets exclusively for 7 years. Holly  enjoys photographing pets over people because pets are so fun loving and carefree!  Knowing that pet guardians almost always outlive their pets, Holly believes there is a real need for beautiful images that preserve their memory for the years after they have gone.

“My highest priority is ensuring my clients obtain pure and authentic images of their pets by respecting the needs and boundaries of each individual pet AND by creating a positive
experience for everyone involved. I strive to have my name become synonymous with the animal rescue sector by sharing expertise and by providing quality photography as a vehicle to help animals obtain forever homes.”
- Holly

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Teresa Halloran

Teresa Halloran
Beautiful Retriever © Teresa Halloran       
Teresa Halloran is both an animal lover and an artist. By combining her two favorite  passions in life, animals and art, she currently works under commission painting pet  portraits in acrylics. She has sold many pet portraits through the years and loves the fact that she can bring true joy to many through her artwork.

“I like using my talent and art to contribute toward bettering the lives of so many helpless animals.” - Teresa

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nancy Claeys

Nancy Claeys
Trust © Nancy Claeys                             
Nancy Claeys is a retired insurance fraud investigator, now full-time farmwife and amateur photographer, living in rural Blair, Nebraska. Her favorite photography subjects have always
been dogs and cats, but photos of farm animals, including chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and cattle, also fill her portfolio. She is a self-taught photographer who relishes learning new
techniques and skills by taking classes, reading photography manuals and online tutorials.

“We have several rescue animals on our farm, so the opportunity to become involved in a project such as PAWS For Charity was very exciting to me and very near and dear to my heart. Every shelter animal deserves to have a loving and permanent home.” - Nancy

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Andrea Savelo

Andrea Savelo
Under-Dog © Andrea Savelo            
Andrea Savelo has spent the last four years capturing the light and love in her subjects. She is getting back to her roots this year and hopes to work more with her most favorite subject -
Dogs. She loves the underdog, the over dogs, the little dogs and the great big dogs. Did we mention, she loves dogs?

“The 'Under-Dog' wins our hearts time and again. The pound puppy, the runt of the littler, and the little dog who thinks she's a Great Dane. They teach us that whatever size we are, whatever our situation may be, or whatever challenge we may have to face, that we can and will over come it if we have the spirit, the passion, the hope and the heart of an underdog. I hope that we continue to learn from all of our animal friends and that we live each day one at a time like they do so well.” - Andrea

Monday, October 22, 2012

Steph Scurr

Steph Scurr
Making A Splash © Steph Scurr     
Steph Scurr is a photographer in Nelson, New Zealand studying her diploma this year. She specializes in animal photography and finds it her passion. She also works with rescue dogs
and young people together at 'The Nelson ARK', as well as young people in foster care.

“I am happy to be involved in this project for the love of animals :)” - Steph

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Melissa Stewart

Melissa Stewart
True Love © Melissa Stewart  
"I have a secret to tell you," whispers big brother Nixon. "I love you Sweet Pea.”

Melissa Stewart resides in Northern Kentucky with her cats Nixon, Charlie and Sweet Pea, and pug Ricky. She enjoys taking photographs of her pets, publishing them on her pet blog, and scrapbooking. For her, making memories and preserving them is very important, especially the memories of those she wants to remember "fur" life. She and the Purs n' Snorts gang are happy to be a part of this project to support better living for God's most beautiful creations.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Phil Dolby

Phil Dolby
Ready To Round Up © Phil Dolby                       
Philip Dolby has always had an interest in photography and in 2007 he took up urban exploration and shooting the wonderful abandoned buildings around his home town. However during that time he quickly gained a love of scenic and animal photography. Living close to the UK's picturesque Peak National Park gives him the ideal opportunity to combine both interests. Many of Philip’s images are of the family's dog, Gen, a collie cross adopted from the local shelter in 2002.

“I am very pleased to be given the chance for my photography to be used for such a very good cause. Gen has been such a great source of inspiration over the 10 years since we rescued her from the local shelter, her personality always shining through every time. I hope that more dogs and cats can be found such loving homes through Paws For Charity in the same way Gen has.” - Phil

Phil's photo is available in postcard sets in the Paws For Charity Etsy Shop. All our participating artists paid for the printing of their cards, and that means that the full purchase price of all our cards is donated to charity! (

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Paws For Charity calendars

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Megan Cohen

Megan Cohen
Roxie and Bruno © Megan Cohen     
Megan Cohen is a self-taught pet portrait artist, who has been passionate about animals and art since childhood. She began by painting watercolor pet portraits of local shelter animals; when the pet was adopted the painting was given to the new family. Megan offers her art to shelters for fundraising  events and donates 10% from each commissioned piece to the shelter/rescue of her client’s choice. It’s rewarding for Megan to do what she loves and help animals in the process.

“I feel honored to be a part of the Paws For Charity Art Book Project. This is an incredible  opportunity for me to share my art and love of animals and at the same time support the SHAID  Animal Shelter. This cause is near and dear to my heart since my husband and I share our home with six wonderful furry kids that are all rescues. Please adopt your next best friend from a shelter.” - Megan

Monday, October 1, 2012

Jewel Mathieson

Jewel Mathieson
Philly - Pit Bull © Jewel Mathieson      
Jewel Mathieson is a professional pet portrait artist from Nelson, New Zealand. Her distinctive highly detailed style is instantly recognizable, using hundreds of tiny pencil strokes to transform her subjects into almost living colour. Jewel is particularly inspired by the unique personality and character that animals show through their body language and facial expressions, and carefully captures their soul in each of her drawings.

“Philly was a very cherished family member, loving and gentle. I was instantly drawn into his sweet soulful eyes and hoped that I could capture through my art the love and tenderness that these magnificent and often misunderstood dogs possess.” - Jewel

Monday, September 24, 2012

Madeleine D. Schmoll

Madeleine D. Schmoll
Panther © Madeleine D. Schmoll        
Madeleine D. Schmoll is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Film Journalism at the University of Glasgow in Scotland while working part time as a production assistant. She loves traveling, food,  film and writing about all of the above. One day she hopes to work in film and have a lovely family of cats, taking the crazy out of crazy cat lady.

“Having grown-up and lived on both sides of the Atlantic, I believe in art that transcends culture  boundaries. As a photographer, my goal is to document all the quirky, candid, and artistic moments that life brings. Being the pet 'sister' of a family of rescued animals this project holds a special place in my heart.” - Madeleine

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ken Drake

Ken Drake
Diesel © Ken Drake       

Ken Drake is the photographer at Zoo Studio and has been working exclusively with animals for 6 years. He photographs over 1200 dogs each year, plus multiple cats, birds, snakes, lizards, rats, kangaroos, and many others. Ken has recently received much international acclaim for his animal photos, winning the PDN Faces competition, being a finalist in the International Aperture Awards and Canon Creative Asia competition, and being made an Associate of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

“When I'm photographing an animal, I'm always looking for ways to tell their story, and make the  viewer feel that they know the subject intimately just from the portrait. I also embrace all things to do with my subjects, in this case the drool, as it is part of their character. I'm kind of weird, I love dog drool!”  - Ken

And here is a little update from Ken:
"Things have been totally hectic here, we have been shooting for an RSPCA book, an RSPCA calendar and a book for a charity called Oscars Law. We did have some great news, we followed up on our win in last years PDN international photo competition with a win in this years prestigious International Photography Awards! All the details are on our blog It is a harrowing photo of a seriously abused dog, so don't go clicking expecting a happy smiling pooch… but it really helped the charity concerned which is why we took the photo in the first place."

Friday, September 14, 2012

Jeff Potter

Jeff Potter
Three Aussie Love © Jeff Potter  
Jeff Potter attended the University of New Mexico to study both Science and Art and received degrees in Fine Art and Biology in 1977. Developing a portfolio and style characterized the time from graduation until his first one-man exhibition in Santa Fe, NM in 1984. His one- man exhibition in 1985 educated him at being a professional artist. He has since then focused on establishing a niche for himself in the crowded New Mexico arts community. Since 1986 he has received numerous  awards for work in a variety of media.

“I have grown into a dog lover through my wife's devotion to dogs. Now we have three Australian Shepherds, two of which were rescued. I am training and competing in agility with two of them, Azor and T.J., in standard outdoor agility sanctioned by AKC and ASCA. We love having dogs and especially enjoy giving them daily walks, play and love all day and night.”
- Jeff

"Three Aussie Love" is available in postcard sets in the Paws For Charity etsy shop. Our participating artists paid for the printing of their cards, and that means the full purchase price from our card sales are donated to charity (

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Donna Patterson

Donna Patterson
Therapy dog, Dakota, vacationing in Florida © Donna Patterson 
The death of Donna Patterson’s dog changed her entire life. She created a retail web site named after Maximus and, soon after, organized the Madison County (AL) Boxer Group. But her true passion  came when she started Petz Sitter, a professional pet sitting service, where she offered photography for her clients while also caring for the pets in their homes. She soon found her love of capturing a  pet within their own environment while showing their true personality.

Dakota, whose photo is featured in the 2012 Paws For Charity book, died this past June. He was Donna's little boy and also her therapy dog that attended nursing homes to brighten the residents' day. It was very sudden and a shock that her family will never get over. He had a vascular tumor on the right side of his brain that started to bleed which caused stroke like symptoms. He died on July 28th. Paws For Charity is honored to have featured Dakota in this year's book.

“This is my first participation for Paws For Charity and I’m very excited to find such a wonderful charitable cause. Since my whole life revolves around animals, it is only fitting to help them as much as possible.”
- Donna

Monday, September 10, 2012

Melissa Langer

Melissa Langer
The Love Pug © Melissa Langer
Melissa Langer lives in Louisville, Colorado with her husband, Fred, her parrotlet, Gilbert and her pug, Archie.

Melissa loves to paint pugs and other dog breeds she lovingly calls Pug Pals. 

Her joy in life is to share her art with others.

“My pug and dog paintings embody the toothy grins and wagging tails that happily greet us throughout our lives. I know I have succeeded when my artwork lights up the viewer's eye with a spark of recognition of an old friend. Whether the connection is from childhood or
current day, that kind of smile is always contagious. Capturing the spirit of each dog for
people to deeply connect to and enjoy is the true focus of my efforts.”
- Melissa

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jennifer Kelley

Jennifer Kelley
Best Friends © Jennifer Kelley
Jennifer Kelley is an educator turned stay at home mom from Southern Illinois. Photography has been a creative outlet and obsession. She spends her time with her family and never leaves home without her camera. Her favorite subject to photograph is her four year old son, Jack.

“Best Friends is a photograph of my son, Jack and Mazie, Grammie and Grandpa's 16 year old Golden Retriever, taking a break during the day to lounge. This photograph shows the love Jack has for Mazie and Mazie's sweet and calm temperament that allows Jack to rest on her.” - Jennifer

"Best Friends" is available in postcard sets in the Paws For Charity Etsy Shop. Our participating artists have paid for the printing of their cards, and that means ALL proceeds are donated to charity (

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Christine Throckmorton

Christine Throckmorton
Sam © Christine Throckmorton              
Christine Throckmorton creates portraits that celebrate the significance of dogs in our lives. Her goal is to capture the personality and soul of her clients' canine companions, so that they may be  celebrated and immortalized through her art. Christine's paintings are serious enough to honor the  emotional connection we have to our pets, but with a touch of whimsy to acknowledge how fun and goofy dogs can be.

“I think every pet deserves a portrait. Our pets bring so much joy into our lives, and their lives are way too short—why not celebrate them in art? I don't have much hanging on my own walls, but I proudly display portraits of my dog. They were created by me, as well as my artist friends. And I'm honored that my art graces the walls of dog lovers around the world.” - Christine

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Derek Johnston

Derek Johnston was born, raised, and educated in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He spent his career years on the front lines of education where he was well known for disrupting classrooms and staff rooms with his outrageous remarks. Despite this, he was known as a caring and effective teacher. He has carried his sense of humour into his photography which has proven to be a wonderful interest in his  retirement. He is very proud to contribute to this worthwhile project.

“Beautiful Tatiana is the daughter of a cat rescued by our local vet. She has a very sweet disposition but in this photo her twin sister, Nika, is “volunteering” as her footstool. We have a fondness for Russian names. We have since discovered that Tatiana, roughly translated, means “wrecker of the house”. Nika, of course, means “assistant wrecker”. We adopted our dog, Churchill, from SHAID. This, too, provided us with a wonderful loving pet. We are honoured to support SHAID.” - Derek

Blank greeting cards with Tatiana's image are available in the Paws For Charity Etsy Shop at this link: , and are also available in the postcard sets. All participating artists paid for the printing of their cards, and that means that the FULL purchase price is donated to charity (

Friday, August 31, 2012

Simon Russell

Peripatetic, Simon Russell has been travelling and working on various continents over the past four years attempting to capture instances of wonder and magic. Years of university prior to travel landed him with a Bachelor of Physical Education which he has wisely used to great advantage to begin photography. He is currently residing, relaxing and recognising opportunities in Nelson, New Zealand, and is planning his next big adventure.  

“I strive to capture the smile which triggers more smiles, to recompose the memory which arouses the initial wonder, to remind of the essence and magic of life.” - Simon

Monday, August 27, 2012

Cherie Palmer

Cherie Palmer 
Otis - A Retired Champion  © Cherie Palmer

Cherie Palmer is from Nelson, New Zealand. She discovered photography four years ago, is self taught, and photographs animals and wildlife. Pets are one of Cherie's favorite subjects to photograph as they combine her love of animals with her passion for photography. She also loves macro photography as it is discovery into the intriguing unnoticed world. Cherie has had photographs published in national and international publications, books, calendars, and Hallmark cards. 

 “I have had a lifelong involvement with animals. I am a former Kennel Club Registered breeder and RSPCA animal shelter manager. I fully understand the difficulties and restraints associated with animal charity organizations and wanted to contribute to this project.” - Cherie

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hazel Byrne

Hazel Byrne
Handsome Teen © Hazel Byrne                

Hazel Byrne is a zoologist with a passion for cats. She enjoys photographing her own two cats as a hobby, as well as stray cats at home and abroad. She would love to continue her research as a zoologist studying wild populations of cats and related species. Her thesis research for her degree was on the ecology of the Malay Civet, an elusive cat-like animal which inhabits rainforests across Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.  

“I am happy to be involved in this project because I want to live my life helping as many animals along the way as I can, either through my field of study and conservation, or, more close to home, through animal rescue charities.” - Hazel

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wayne Prescott

Wayne Prescott
Freedom © Wayne Prescott
Wayne Prescott’s love of photography is the challenge of trying to capture the mood and feeling of a scene, and creating an emotional response from the viewer.

“At the end of a day of adventuring along New Zealand's picturesque West Coast, we came across a stunning beach that Nika could not resist. To see her running and playing with no limits and with such exuberance would be the joy of any dog owner.” - Wayne

Monday, August 20, 2012

Amanda Pampena

Amanda Pampena
Casey’s Gaze © Amanda Pampena  

Amanda Pampena graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting from the University of Colorado, Denver. Her animalcompanions act as models for her work. She also paints other subjects such as stuffed animal still-life and human figures. She currently resides in California’s bay area. 

“The ultimate truth of our soul, who we all really are, is sweetness, altruism, and light. Animals awaken the deepest, best part of ourselves. They create sensitivity out of the stoic, calm out of anger. My artwork is a thanks to them.” - Amanda

Friday, August 17, 2012

Karen Neal

Karen Neal
Koshka © Karen Neal  

New Zealander Karen Neal has always had a love of art, animals, wildlife, nature and travel. Karen happily works from her Marlborough studio as a professional artist, accepting commissions worldwide. Her passion is to paint all animals from pets to wildlife, with a lifelike realism yet painterly style. She also loves to paint portraits, particularly capturing that unique connection between animals and people. She works in Scratchboard, Oils, Pastels, and Graphite; and is committed to supporting animal conservation causes through her art.  

"Koshka is a Russian Blue (Koshka means cat in Russian). He is the most loyal loving companion, almost doglike in manner! I loved portraying him in this pastel painting with all the soft silvery colours in his beautiful coat.” - Karen

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jan Swan

Jan Swan
Cat on Scaffolding © Jan Swan        
Jan Swan is a photographer and painter. She has exhibited her work in galleries and had photographs published in journals and books. She loves photographing cats, which are works of art in themselves, and pets and their people. Jan believes that people have a symbiotic relationship with their pets and sets out to capture this connection in her photographs of them.  

“This black and white cat in the center of the abstract angles of the scaffolding and building caught my eye. I believe this photograph captures the agility, curiosity, and beauty of this little cat, and of all cats.”- Jan

"Cat on Scaffolding" is available in a postcard set in our Paws For Charity Etsy Shop. Our participating artists paid for the printing of the cards, and that means that ALL proceeds from the sale of ALL our cards are donated to charity! (

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Carli Bramfitt

Carli Bramfitt
Crimson © Carli Bramfitt 

Like most artists, Carli Bramfitt has been drawing and painting since she was able to hold a pencil or brush. She loves to be able to put her visions down on paper. When she’s not being a part time Artist, she enjoys creating beautiful Fruit Displays!  

“The moment I saw Crimson, banging his head against the pet store window to get some scritches, I fell in love. A week later I went back to the pet store to check him out. He'd come from the humane society originally, and was all skin and bones. Anyone introduced to him didn't think he'd survive. He's now almost 4 years old, very healthy and my very best friend.” - Carli

Monday, August 6, 2012

Mike Carabetta

Mike Carabetta
Snoozing © Mike Carabetta
Mike Carabetta is a self taught artist who has been painting and drawing since the age of 10. He won his first art contest at the age of 12 and has been hooked ever since. Mike paints and draws scenes from real life situations. He strives for a life-like depiction in all of his work, infused with some impressionism. He enjoys painting and drawing most all subject matter and in many mediums. Mike's work has won many awards and his art donations have helped numerous foundations, causes and charities.  

“Our pets always find a favorite chair or spot to snooze and they look so innocent while asleep. All the while dreaming of mischief and resting just enough to push the boundaries. Oh, but how we love them and how we forgive their torment and tenacity. While they lay sleeping...” - Mike

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sue Collins

Sue Collins 
Rex © Sue Collins (original linocut print)

Sue Collins is a painter and printmaker living near Brighton in the UK. Her work is a type of visual diary. She sees the whole world and whatever is, or has been, in it as inspirational. She is very interested in how we all see things differently - how our own personal experiences shape what we see and the way we see it.  

“Usually a piece of my artwork will begin with a personally taken photograph. This image can then pass through a variety of different stages. Several works may culminate from one image.” - Sue

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Patricia Eldridge

Patricia Eldridge
Guardian Angel with Schnauzer © Patricia Eldridge
Patricia Eldridge began her career by majoring in art at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida. Currently, she does custom paintings in watercolor of people, landscapes and pets. She prefers a loose whimsical style that portrays a moment in time rather than a portrait of a person or place. Her work is displayed in several galleries in Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.  

“I have always been crazy for dogs and cats and have never been without a pet for very long. I have a couple of series of pet paintings that I make into prints that I can sell to help raise money for animal welfare and also to donate for fund raisers. I also illustrated a children’s book about a rescue dog giving tips on how to care for a pet. I’m so proud to be a part of this project too! I love using my art to help give back.” - Patricia

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Michelee Scott

Michelee Scott 
Let’s Play Ball © Michelee Scott

Michelee Scott has worked alternately as a Registered Nurse, animal advocate and rescue volunteer in four different countries. During her second stop in San Diego in 2010, she began to seriously pursue her decades old passion for photography. Michelee is currently a professional pet photographer in San Diego and continues to pursue her Masters of Fine Arts with an emphasis in photography. In addition to photographing pets and their people, she most enjoys landscape and urban or street photography.  

“I donate more than 50 percent of my time and resources to animal rescues in need of services. To combine my passion for photography with the beauty of our animal companions for a worthy cause is the ultimate gift as an animal advocate and artist.” - Michelee 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lisa O'Regan

Lisa O'Regan
Indoor Cat © Lisa O’Regan

Lisa O’Regan is a traditional artist,capturing and preserving memories in many different mediums. Inspired by her mother's talents, Lisa has been drawing and painting since a very young age. She pursued an education, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1986. After a 15-year hiatus to raise her family, she returned to her passion in 2008 of capturing images of people, wildlife and nature, on canvas and paper. She hasn't looked back since, and is forever with a brush or pencil in her hand.

“Sepia is a stray that we took in one wintry evening in 2009. She's basically your typical "scaredy-cat" - a little skittish, and forever cautious. Who knows what might have happened to her before she found us. She's not an indoor cat, as this painting implies, but now knows where her home is,that she is loved, and shares with her fellow furry friends, Simba, Sienna, and Salem. Ah yes...did I mention that I love cats? I have four, and they have been depicted in many of my artworks.” - Lisa

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rebecca Wang

Rebecca Wang
A Ride With Talisker © Rebecca Wang        

Rebecca Wang is an American expatriate currently living in Hong Kong. She has been painting with oil since 2009. Rebecca has a Computer Science Engineering degree minoring in Music from MIT and is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries. She is now a full time mom living with her husband and two children. She enjoys painting and playing the piano.

“Talisker and his family just moved to Los Angeles. On this sunny day, the family took a road trip out to Ojai, California along with his carefree Californian attitude!” - Rebecca

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Amy Mansfield

Amy Mansfield

Amy Mansfield is a pet photographer in Carlsbad, California who has combined her love for animals  with her passion for photography. She donates her time and photography skills at a local county  animal shelter and is also actively involved with the SDDAC Pit Crew - a pit bull advocate group at  the shelter. By providing the shelter with beautiful photos of the dogs, she hopes it will give these animals a better chance in finding their forever homes.
Patrick © Amy Mansfield     

“Along my journey, I have fallen head over heels in love with the underdog! Please support your local rescue or shelter. Volunteer, foster, adopt!” - Amy

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vic Ritchey

Vic Ritchey

 “My pet series deals with the plight of animals being held captive, bringing attention to puppy mills and animal abuse. I want to evoke an emotional response from the viewer and to take on the struggle as a voice to those who have none.” - Vic
Help Release Me II © Vic Ritchey

Here is Vic's complete bio, taken from his website:

Vic was born and raised in South-Central Pennsylvania in a small village near the city of Altoona. Being creative all his life, he grew up interested in art, constantly drawing various characters and cutting them out and putting them in a shoebox to play with later. He created a comic strip while he was still in grade school and received his first “commission” from his grandfather, creating a watercolor of Dunning Mountain in Pennsylvania.

He started doing portraits in pastel and graphite while in high school of his family and friends. Voted “Most Artistic” in his high school yearbook, Vic painted an acrylic mountainside scene, “Desert Splendor”, which hung in the school’s gallery showcase. It was his art teacher that pointed him to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he studied Commercial Art. This was just the beginning of his life-long love for art.

After a few semesters in college, Vic decided to go into the U.S. Navy where he was a crew member aboard the USS Moosebrugger (DD980). This was one of his best experiences, traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures. Stationed in Charleston, South Carolina for four years, he returned to Pennsylvania after the service only remaining there for several years before moving to Virginia, outside of Washington D.C. where he worked as a Graphic Artist for various non-profits. Although, an exciting place to live, his direction was to pursue other opportunities. Briefly living in Ohio, he eventually found his home in Boonton, New Jersey outside one of the greatest Art capitals in the world, New York City. He currently works as a Web Designer while painting during his spare time.

 Largely a self-taught artist, Vic received his degree in Fine Art, studying in the Visual Art curriculum at the County College of Morris in Randolph, New Jersey. He studied painting under Todd Doney specializing in oil painting and mentored by Keith Smith, Dean of Liberal Arts.