Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love From Me Project

In November 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. If you have followed Paws For Charity, you know that we have been donating to breast cancer charity for the past 5 years. Because of my cancer diagnosis in November, I decided to take the project in a new and exciting direction.

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Introducing The "Love From Me" Project!

2011 is the first year for The Love From Me Project. It was inspired by the 2009 and 2010 Paws For Charity Art Book Project, which was also created by me. Paws For Charity raised $5,500 for breast cancer charity.

The purpose of the Love From Me Art Book is to provide inspiration to people going through a period of personal challenge, and to raise funds for cancer charity. The book will be divided into several inspirational themes:
1. Courage, Determination, Strength
2. Family, Friendship
3. Love, Laughter
4. Peace, Serenity
5. Nature
6. Faith

This year's project will include:
1. A coffee table art book
2. Poster and postcards
3. Wall calendar
4. Greeting cards (participation optional)

The Love From Me Art Book will contain artwork and photography that has been donated by artists around the world...all designed to inspire and lift the spirits of the reader. Although targeted to cancer patients, the book will be an inspiration to anyone facing life challenges.

All proceeds from the project will be donated to the Rose Fund c/o the Health Services Foundation in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. This is a registered charity created to help cancer patients deal with financial difficulties. You can read the story behind the Rose Fund here.

The deadline for submissions is February 28, 2011. All artwork and photographs will be considered, as long as they fall under the project's themes. (the Paws For Charity Project included only dog and cat images)

For details on how to submit your images, go to the Love From Me Project blog ( and click on the "How To Submit" button at the top of the page. Full details about the project are on the "Details" page.

If you're a facebooker, here is the link to the Love From Me fan page:

Let's get inspired! Love From Me