Thursday, October 14, 2010

Linda O'Neill

Linda O'Neill

Linda O'Neill started painting dogs out of love for her own rescue dog, Abby, that she and her husband adopted and adored. Linda received her BFA degree in Printmaking in 1993. Since then she has pursued her career in fine art, developing her style in acrylic paint that flows through her many creative outlets. Her paintings are marked by a bold use of color, shapes and patterns while maintaining a careful and truthful representation of the animals and natural subjects of her work.

Linda's painting "Atticus" is one of three paintings featured on page 25 of the 2010 Paws For Charity Art Book.“It's a privilege to be involved in this book project. I have seen how the healing power of animals has helped those suffering from cancer. I think since our animals love us unconditionally...they would be the first in line to help raise money for cancer charity.” - Linda


Diane said...

How nice to see Linda & Maise featured. I enjoyed it very much.

spread your wings said...

great dog portrait. my daughter has recently been fostering dogs from the shelter and they have brought her so much joy - the best joy being that she was able to place them in good homes.