Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sheila Wedegis

Sheila Wedegis
website: http://www.labradorretrieverart.com/

Sheila Wedegis studied art in Boston but believes her real learning has been “the Doing”. Traveling the Eastern coast doing outdoor shows she now concentrates on her blog to get the word out about her Lab Paintings and Lab Rescue efforts. A recent quote from a Collector stated; “ Her paintings are outstanding…paints Labs better than anyone, capturing their souls” Sheila has her Labrador Retriever Art hanging throughout the United States, Australia, England, France, Spain and Germany.

Sheila's painting "Two Beauties" can be found on page 41 of the 2010 Paws For Charity Art Book.
“I paint what I love ,and that happens to be my love for Labrador Retrievers. Sharing my life with three and experiencing what wonderful creatures they are I became involved with Lab Rescue as well as other Dog Rescues. Paws for Charity was a perfect way for me to be involved.” - Sheila

Greeting cards with Sheila's painting "Two Beauties" will be available for purchase soon!

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