Friday, April 30, 2010

Diane Schuller

"Spring's Coming?" by Diane Schuller (

Diane is an award winning short story writer who has increasingly added photography to her creative endeavours. As a freelance photographer she incorporates editorial, environmental, and portrait work. Her favourite subjects are dogs and horses and the people who love them. Diane works from her rural home in northern Alberta and is fortunate to have three office assistants: two Australian Shepherds and a Springer Spaniel. Her husband supports and shares all her interests, as well as dog walking duties.

"I love capturing dogs in natural environments so never do studio work. Although I adore the low lying golden light near sundown, there is also something special about the soft yet reflective light on an overcast snowy day. When taking photos of clients’ dogs, my goal is to capture their dog naturally, whether at play or work, in a curious moment, or interacting with their humans. When I freeze those moments with my camera, revealing the dog’s true essence, that is the greatest feeling. My submissions reveal some of those moments; I call them life’s sweet ordinary." - Diane

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Diane said...

Sara, I think I've blogged about the project 3 times so far and will continue to do so. I've mentioned it on FB and am encouraging my blog readers to do the same.

My book arrived in the mail and it looks fantastic -- great job Sara!