Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back Cover by Melissa McDaniel

This amazing photo is the back cover of the 2010 Paws For Charity Art Book. I love this photo!

I considered many different options for our back cover, but this seemed to be the perfect shot.

This image was contributed by the very talented Melissa McDaniel. Writer and photographer Melissa McDaniel travels the country photographing dogs for the photo book projects. An avid supporter of animal rescue, Melissa donates time and money to rescues, volunteering to photograph their dogs and donating 30% of the proceeds from her photo books to rescues around the country. After adopting her deaf border collie mix, Sadie, and learning that thousands of deaf dogs are put dog each year simply because they are deaf, Melissa became involved in deaf dog advocacy and rescue. Clover, the bull terrier in her Paws for Charity entry, appears in her photo book Deaf Dogs. Melissa currently lives in Philadelphia with her dogs Sadie and Bella (a Brittany) and her two cats, Fuji and Bjork.

Melissa's photography is stunning....I encourage you to take a look at her fantastic photo books, and help raise funds for some very important rescue organizations.

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