Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Art Book Sample Page

Photographer Dan Felstead has submitted some of his awesome photographs for this year's Paws For Charity Art Book. You can see some of Dan's work on his blog ( or in this etsy shop (

Although the final selection of participants won't be made until the end of February, Dan has generously allowed me to do a mock up page so you can see the format of this year's book. For those of you who saw or participated in last year's book, I think you'll agree that this year's version will be better than last year's.

Comments/feedback is appreciated! (leave a comment, or send me an email)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 Art Book Project

Time to start sending your submissions for the 2010 Art Book Project! This year's project is bigger and better than 2009...thanks to the suggestions from last year's participants.

Summary of Requirements:
email to: saraharley(at)ns(dot)sympatico(dot)ca
The following information is required no later than February 28, 2010
(please don't wait to send your artwork - send your images as soon as possible - the rest of your info can come later as long as your send it by Feb 28th):
- your artwork or photography - must include a dog and/or cat in each image
- maximum 5 images - please send small resolutions images only at this time - 72 dpi, approx 500 pixels wide/high. (If one of your images is selected you will be asked to forward a large resolution image 300 dpi, max size 2400 pixels wide x 1900 pixels high)
- suggested themes: friendship, bond between humans & animals, love, support, a "paws" image for our cover!
** copyright of your image(s) remains with you **
- a photo of yourself - black and white or color - 300 dpi, 200 pixels x 200 pixels
- your name - as you want it printed in the book
- your website or blog address that you want printed in the book
- your bio - a brief bio only - written in the 3rd person -one paragraph - approximately 5 or six sentences (if I need to edit your bio due to space requirements, I will send you the revised version for your approval)
- your statement - this will be printed under your name - two or three sentences about why you are involved with this project (if I need to edit your statement due to space requirements, I will send you the revised version for your approval)
- a completed Release Form (if you don't have one - let me know and I'll email it to you)

What is "Paws For Charity"?
Paws For Charity was created several years ago by four women who ran dog businesses and used their businesses to raise money for breast cancer charity. At the time, I owned a dog biscuit company. I sold the business in 2008 but continue to run Paws For Charity. Two of the other founders also continue raising funds in separate projects. Paws For Charity is not a charity, but we do raise funds for registered charities.

What is the "Art Book Project"?
2010 is the second year for this project. An art book is being created using donated art and photograph images from artists around the world (predominately North America). The book features dogs and cats and all proceeds raised will be donated to cancer charity directly by the book publisher.

Why are you donating to a human charity? Why not an animal charity?
This project is unique in that it celebrates the bond we have with our animals and raises funds for a human cause. Cancer charity is a personal cause for me as I have lost my mom, brother, and sister to cancer.

What charity will the money go to?
This year's project will donate all proceeds raised to the registered charity Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. This charity has achieved the Humane Charity Seal of Approval, meaning that their efforts do not involve animal testing. Complete details about this charity will be available on the Paws For Charity blog shortly. I have applied for approval to use their logo on our products, and will receive confirmation on this in the next 2 weeks.

What is the book going to look like?
The book will be published by and will be 10 inches wide by 8 inches high. The book will feature a minimum of 37 artists, and will be a minimum of 40 pages. is an online, on demand printing company. This means that the books are printed one by one as they are ordered, and shipped out to the purchaser directly by the online printing company. Proceeds are remitted once a month, and will be sent directly to the charity by Blurb.

How will the images for the book be selected?
Images selected will depend on the number of images received. The objective is to create a well balanced book of dog & cat images, and a good balance of photographs and artwork.

How can my friends order this book and how much will it cost?
will send you the link for online ordering once it is available (likely early April 2010). The cost will depend on the length of the book, but will likely be around $25 - $30.

How are you advertising this book?
I'll be honest with you and say that I have an advertising budget of zero! All promotion will be word of mouth. Participants will be encouraged to blog, facebook, tweet, etc about the project as much as they want.(but this is not required to be part of the project) Last year, our bloggers and tweeters resulted in Blurb selecting our book as a "Staff Pick", our book became a Blurb best seller, we had approximately 10 newspaper articles written, and many blog posts by people unrelated to the project.

Greeting Cards
As a result of surveys received from the 2009 Art Book participants, I will be printing greeting cards for the 2010 project. Participation in this is optional, and not required. Participants who wish to have one or more of their images printed on greeting cards will be required to cover the cost of the printing ($35 per image - if the actual cost is lower, depending on volumes printed, you will pay the lower fee). The artist will receive 12 cards to do with as they please, and Paws For Charity will receive 12 cards. Cards will be sold through and through the Paws For Charity blog and all proceeds raised will be donated to Look Good, Feel Better.
Size of card will depend on the image printed (square, landscape, or portrait).
Front of card will be printed with the artwork. Inside of card will be blank.
Back of card will have:
- a miniature version of the artwork, with the artist's name, brief bio, and website/blog address.
- the Paws For Charity logo and blog address

2011 Wall Calendars
As a result of surveys received from the 2009 Art Book participants, I will be printing 2011 wall calendars for this year's project. Participation in this is optional, and not required. There is no cost to the participants who wish to opt in. Calendars will be sold through and through the Paws For Charity blog.

What will Paws For Charity do for me?
1. Your name, with a link to your website or blog, will be listed for one year on the Paws For Charity blog (
2. Your artwork, your photo, and your bio will be featured on the Paws For Charity blog sometime during 2010. You will be notified by email when your information is featured. Your artwork will be posted in low resolution format, with your name or website embedded on the artwork (to avoid unauthorized use of your image) I will also try to add the information to Facebook and Twitter. (no promises on this as I currently only have access to dial up internet service)
3. If you supply an email address for your local newspaper, I will send an email to the paper about you and your involvement with the project (in hopes of a newspaper article about you)
4. You will receive emails from me throughout the project to let you know what's going on.

Aside from the requirements listed at the top under "Summary", what do I need to do?
Nothing further is required from you, but you are encouraged to:
1. Blog, Facebook, Tweet about this project as much as you want
2. Encourage other people to be involved.
3. Post a Paws For Charity badge on your website or blog
4. Post a link to the Art Book on your website or blog

Questions? contact Sara (saraharley(at)ns(dot)sympatico(dot)ca) at anytime