Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Paws Photos Wanted!

Photo contributed by Melissa McDaniel, one of the participants in the 2009 Paws For Charity Art Book.

Announcements will be coming soon regarding submissions for the 2010 Paws For Charity Art Book. Let's kick off next year's event with some creative "paws" images! The 2009 book featured an image of dog paws at the beach, submitted by photographer Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes. I'd like to continue with the "paws" cover theme for next year's book as well.

Get creative! Send an image of cat paws or dog paws...photos or artwork. Email your image to me at: saraharley(at)ns(dot)sympatico(dot)ca

Let's have some fun to kick off the 2010 book!

Requirements: send a small image file - 300 pixels by 300 pixels, 72 dpi Let me know your name, and any blog or website you would like me to link to if your photo is used in a blog post. Photos may be used in blog posts promoting the 2010 Paws For Charity Art Book. If your image is selected for publication, you will be asked for a large file, high resolution image. You will also be asked to sign a release form. Copyright remains with you. Go!

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Zulayra McKim said...

Hi Sara - when do Photos need to be submitted by?