Saturday, October 24, 2009

CWAC Yearbook is ready!

By created by Paws Fo...

The CWAC Yearbook is ready for ordering!

This book is packed with information about Canines with a Cause, photos of their puppies, puppy raisers, volunteers, and trainers, and photos from people who have generously donated funds to have their pets featured as "Friends of CWAC".

Best of all...ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of these books are sent to Canines with a Cause directly from !

You can preview the book here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CWAC Yearbook underway

The Canines With A Cause Yearbook is underway. I've received some photos from a few contributors and I'll be putting them together with lots of great information about Canines With A Cause (CWAC) to create their first ever yearbook. I received lots of photos from Pina and her Service Dog Junior (pictured above in Acapulco!). Pina and Junior are CWAC graduates, and Pina tirelessly encourages others to donate for this cause. You can read about Junior at .

Stay tuned for more info about the CWAC Yearbook!