Sunday, May 3, 2009

Profile: Hilary Burt

Hilary Burt
Born in Southampton, Hilary has had a life long love of dogs starting with her little white poodle, Chloe, who used to sit with her in her pram. Georgie, a Golden Retriever, and Jessie, a black Labrador-Cross are the current canine companions of Hilary and her husband Mark.
Her website,, started in March 2008 as a celebration of her love for dogs. The site promotes a dog-friendly and active lifestyle and runs a monthly photo contest.

Her interest in photography goes back to her teenage years when she bought her first SLR camera and was runner up in a BBC photography competition. She travelled to Bangladesh in 1988 and on her return was lucky enough to exhibit her photos. However working as a full-time primary school teacher in London by day, and taking part in a variety of musical projects by night, Hilary ended up putting her photographic aspirations on hold.

Since moving to Brighton in 2003, going freelance as a teacher and creating a more balanced life for herself, she has been able to return to her interest in photography albeit with her trusty point and shoot instant camera which was used incidentally for the picture of the three collies. Hilary says: “I never leave home without my little camera. You just never know who or what’s going to be round the corner. My featured photo was taken on a glorious Autumn day in October. I was walking my dogs in Brighton, turned around and over the hill saw the three collies running down towards us. I whipped out my camera and managed to capture the image!"

In March 2009 she bought her very first digital SLR camera and hopes to return to photography in a more serious way. “I want to thank Sara Harley for choosing one of my photos for this amazing book. It has inspired me to buy a ‘posh’ camera and get my lens back out. And all for such a great cause. I hope the book makes a real difference.”
Sussex Dog Walk is featured on page 29 of the 2009 Paws For Charity Art Book.

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mark said...

It's great to see your profile up here on the Paws For Charity site. An excellent cause and a great photo too. Can't wait to see the book when it arrives. We've just ordered it.