Friday, May 22, 2009

Profile: Denise Newberry

Denise Newberry

Denise's art piece entitled "Companion" can be found on page 5 of the 2009 Paws For Charity Art Book.

Denise tells us a little bit about herself...

I love to make things! As a proprietor and Creative Director at CabinPress Studio my ideas and creations all begin at 9500', it's where I am truly part of the out-of-doors, and time really does stand still amongst the mountains! Creativity at its finest. I grew up in Oakland, New Jersey and my memories of this classic, suburban neighborhood were that it had lots of kids, big trees, ice cream, roller-skating, riding bikes and the Ramapo River right nearby. Along with my life obsession to make things for people, the trail from New Jersey, via Yellowstone National Park, lead me to Colorado many years ago.

When I'm not creating for CabinPress Studio clients you can find me constantly tossing tennis balls for our special Golden Retriever - Moose, making up stories about our cat, knitting, gardening, hiking, listening to music, making stuff, sewing, writing letters, getting mail, daydreaming of owls, being a vegetarian, bird watching, felting, walking, looking at old photographs and pantone color books, visiting fun art shows, picnicking in the park, thinking of the ocean/the sea, reading really good stories, sitting by campfires, thinking of browns and greens and lots of other colors too, sea kayaking the lakes of Colorado, training for a marathon, biking, avoiding traffic jams and driving my car, reading maps, researching everything, and seeing how many pizzelle cookies I can make!

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