Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What Twittering leads to

Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes (our cover photographer) has been Twittering about our 2009 Art Book Project. The publishing company ( saw Michelle's twitters...and now our book is the #1 Staff Pick on!!

Yay Michelle! Yay Twitter! Yay Staff at Blurb!

You can see it here:

Not sure how long we'll be in the number one spot. Thanks Michelle!

More good news...Sabrina Helas (page 15) sent our news to Dog Art Today and they have posted an article about our book. You can read the article here . might want to leave a comment on the blog. Thanks Sabrina!


Moose said...

WOW... just went to Sabrina's site and it was fantastic to see everyone's websites.
Tail Wags to Sabrina. I just received my books today, I really like the hardcover wrap around book.

Anonymous said...

I saw your book on Blurb and I absolutely loved it. I can see why it is the number one spot.