Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Please vote and some more articles

Please vote! Our 2009 Paws for Charity Art Book won last week's challenge to win some free advertising and we are now in Phase 2. We're up against some tough competition...one of the other entries has already received 31 votes and we're only at 3 votes:( The winner of this challenge will receive an audio commercial with banner the following week on BHR. Here is the link to vote:
The Paws for Charity Art Book is the last entry on the list. After you vote, send out some emails, twitter and facebook about it too to get your friends voting for us! This would be great (and free!) exposure for our book.

A few more press items...This week we made the front cover story at the EMC Kanata...a weekly paper in Kanata, Ontario (a suburb of Ottawa...Canada's capital). The article features 4 of our artists from the Ottawa area. There is an online version of the article too, and here is the link:

Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes has snagged herself a feature article in her alumni newsletter. An email version went out a few days ago, and there will be an in-depth print article in the fall...perfect timing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October).

Sabrina Helas got herself an article in her local Tails Inc. magazine. It is scheduled to be printed in the June issue.

And, I'll be interviewing for our local newspaper, the Bridgewater Bulletin (a weekly) on Thursday afternoon. Hopefully I'll get some exposure for our 2 Halifax artists in that article!


Moose said...

My mom tried to read the first article you have listed and say's the link did not work?
Tail Wags to All for such fantastic work!

Jennifer said...

We're ahead!

Sara said...

Hi Moose,
I just gave it a try, and the link to the article seems to work for me. It might not work if you try to copy and paste the link, since the link is so long, but it should work if you just click on the link.

Shannon McLaughlin said...

I would absolutely love to get involved with contributing animal artwork to your 2010 book. I know I'm probably way too early to be asking, but I figured it couldn't hurt! If you could send me more info on how to go about being considered, that would be great! My email is shannon@shannonmclaughlin.net and my website is www.shannonmclaughlin.net.

Thank you so much, you guys are amazing.


Dan Felstead said...

I voted yesterday...today I checked and we are blowing it out of the water!