Friday, March 13, 2009

Paws for Charity Photo Collection

I am involved with two large Paws for Charity projects this year. The first (as you know) is the Art Book Project, which is well underway. The book will be uploaded to the online publisher tomorrow and should be available sometime in April. All funds raised will go to breast cancer charities.

My second big project will benefit a small registered charity in Ottawa, Canada called Canines with a Cause (BN # 85755 0735 RR0001). CWAC trains assistance dogs for people with mobility disabilities. Their 2007 budget was only $20,000! It's such a great cause, and they really need our help. So, I'll be collecting your animal photos to produce a "2009 Friends of CWAC Yearbook" and 2010 desk top calendar. Here are the details:

All photos will be printed in the 2009 Friends of CWAC yearbook, a professionally published book. In addition, 12-25 photos will be selected to produce a 2010 desk top calendar. All funds raised are donated to CWAC.

Important Dates:

September 30th - photos must be received by this date
October 15th - calendars will be available for purchase
October 30th - yearbooks will be available for purchase

Available Photo Sizes:
Regular Photo Insert: $5 Three Regular Inserts: $12
Half Page Insert: $30 Full Page Insert: $50
Preorder your desk top calendar: $12 each (includes postage)

Your Photos: Minimum resolution is 230 dpi. Please size your photos to 4 x 6 maximum size (unless you're purchasing a full page insert)

How to Submit Your Photos:
1. Name your photo: YourFullName-PetName
2. Email your photo to: saraharley(at)sympatico(dot)ca
Include your full name and mailing address (this information will remain confidential, and will not be shared)

Payment Instructions: When your photo is received, you will be sent instructions by email to pay your entry fee. Payment is due within 24 hours of receiving payment instructions, or your photo will not be included in the yearbook, and will not be considered for the calendar. Once I receive notice from Paypal, I will acknowledge receipt of your payment. All funds are donated to CWAC.

Photos selected for calendars: will be contacted by email in early October.

Photos will be printed in the Yearbook: in the order they are received. (the earlier you send your photos, the closer to the front of the book they'll be!)

Calendars and Yearbooks: will be available for purchase in mid October.

How can you help? Please help get the word out! Feel free to use the photo above and blog about this project.


Dan Felstead said...

I am a bit this the same as the photos submitted to Flickr? Should I reformat to size etc...



Sara said...

The photos on Flickr are for the 2010 Art Book.
This is a different project...12 photos to be selected for a calendar. All photos (with a $5 fee) will be published in the Friends of CWAC Yearbook.
Photos for this project should be emailed to me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on another contest! I'll be sure to get my doggie photos together!