Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 more days

The deadline for sending submissions for our 2009 Paws for Charity Art Book is fast approaching. February 28th is the last day for sending your photos or artwork of dogs and/or cats. Our 2009 book will benefit breast cancer charity.

Hint: please don't wait for the last minute. If you're planning to send something, please send it now. I'm worried that my server will start bouncing files if everyone waits until the last minute.

The good news/bad news story is that I have received lots and lots of submissions. Why is this bad news? Because not everyone who sent something will get to be included. Why is this good news? Well, there are so many interested people who have sent so many great photos and art that this book is going to be AWESOME!

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spread your wings said...

can you tell me the best way to send an image of a 24 x 30 painting? I can photograph if and send an image for you to review but you might need a higher quality scan for the printing of the book - if it's even picked.