Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Saying Good-bye!

If you have not heard the official news, Sara Harley , former owner of the Barking Biscuit is moving to Nova Scotia.

In February Sara sold the Barking Biscuit to Ruth Comeau, an experienced entrepreneur...she has run The Valley Spice Company for the past 10 years and now has started this new adventure and is looking forward to supplying Barking Biscuits to all their fans. Same great recipes and changes there.

The PAWS for Charity team is very sad to see Sara leave, as a friend,fellow entrepreneur and business woman, we have all benefited from our great friendship with Sara. Although we are sad to see Sara go, we wish her only the absolute best for her and her family.

At this time, with the huge transition, the Barking Biscuit new owners have decided to not continue with PAWS for Charity at this time. We wish Ruth all the best with her new venture.

Julie Kelly of, Char Harding of and Photographer Suzanne Bird will be deciding how to move forward with this wonderful fundraising partnership.

In less than two years the group raised close to four thousand dollars for breast cancer research for the Canadian Cancer Society.

There is no question that Sara was the driving force behind PAWS for Charity and we hope we can make as big a difference as she did in the future. We wish Sara and John all the best on their new lives in Nova Scotia and Sara's new business .

Sue Bird

Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 Paws for Charity Donation

On December 31st, we made our 2007 Paws for Charity donation to the Cancer Society - Breast Cancer Research. Thanks to your generous support we raised a total of $1517.50!From left to right: Sara Harley (Barking Biscuit), Sharon (Canadian Cancer Society), Suzanne Bird (Urban Dog Photog), and Julie Kelly (Chilly Dogs). Absent: Char Harding (Around the Hounds)
Photo by 4 year old Anna!