Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our Logo

Our Paws for Charity logo was created by the design team of Monster Pilot.

Unusual business name, but a great team of designers. They very generously donated their time to create our logo.

If you ever need design work, contact Brian. I've worked with Monster Pilot on many, many projects and am always amazed at the number of choices they give me. The only problem is...with so much choice it's hard to decide on just one!

Julie from Chilly Dogs has added the Paws for Charity logo to her Paws for Charity Chilly Sweaters™ this year. The logo looks fabulous and is available on both the original pink sweater and the new blue fleece.

Julie contributes $10 to breast cancer research from each fleece sold.
And, of course, our logo is also available on our one inch button pins! If you'd like a pin, you can send an email, or order through Chilly Dogs or The Barking Biscuit websites. Pins are $3 each (including taxes and postage)to Canadian addresses, and $4 to U.S. addresses. Each additional pin is $2. $1 from each pin is donated.

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