Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dog Days of Cancer

I am so excited to announce that some of the portraits I have taken for the dog days of cancer project will be submitted to PhotoSensitive's project called The Cancer Project. PhotoSensitive is an incredible collection of photographers that since 1990 have produced images on social issues to raise public consciousness of critical issues around the world. With the amount of cancer taking hold of so many Canadians, it is so fitting that this group has taken on this project to create awareness in Canadians about cancer.

Within the last two months I have lost two friends to cancer with another uncle being diagnosed with colon cancer just last week. If there was ever a time for my photography to move someone to make a difference, it is now!

Triona & Riley were photographed for the project and are featured on the new Crunch for a Cure label. Riley was a huge support system for Triona while she battled breast cancer.

If you know someone who is going through treatment or has battled breast cancer with a loyal canine by their side and would be open to participating in this photo project please forward them my email birdpix@sympatico.ca

the URBAN dog photog